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Letting Go When You’re Holding On

How can you support yourself to let go?

Living Ultra-Light

Growing up in the rather conservative city of Ottawa, Canada, I never felt that I fit in, but I found a niche at fifteen when I discovered alcohol, boys, and dance clubs. My favori…

Meditation for Letting Go With the Waning Moon

An audio meditation for letting go and moving on.

More Than Making

“Creativity is an essential part of being human.” Artist Flora Bowley offers everyday ways to move past “creative wounds” and flex your creative muscles.

Poem: Buoyancy

"When you find yourself in turbulent waters / tie a rope to your center / and loosen your hold.

Powerful Practice for the Waning Moon

Use the waning moon as an opportunity for release.

Rate Your Pain

Rating your pain can help you brush off the little stuff and focus on what truly matters. “While this rating system doesn’t take the pain or hurt away, it helps me put it in perspective.”

Spirituality and Releasing

There is a difference between letting go and letting be. It has to do with control.

Take It or Leave It: 5 Affirmations for letting go

Decades after leaving monastic life, the author continues to find freedom in his vow of poverty.

Writing a Letter of Forgiveness

An adapted excerpt from Tiny Buddha’s 365 Tiny Love Challenges by Lori Deschene

Your Assignment: Shake Things Loose

Share your own special practice

Zen Garden

As her family begins the restoration of a traditional Japanese-style garden, Zen teacher Karen Maezen Miller receives a teaching of love—and of letting go—in the fleeting beauty of its flowers.