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5 Questions with Lissa Rankin

1. In The Daily Flame, you offer guidance from the “Inner Pilot Light.” How do you help others to recognize their own light? I use what Richard Schwartz PhD, founder of Internal …

A Brain Surgeon's Guide to Horse Sense

Tapping into the wisdom of “prey” species.

Aging Into Awakening

Connie Zweig guides readers as they shift from role to soul.

Book Review: Liberation Unleashed

Liberation UnleashedA Guide to Breaking Free from the Illusion of a Separate SelfBy Ilona Ciunaite The book Liberation Unleashed by Ilona Ciunaite is a friendly guidebook to becom…

Care of the Soul: Your Highest Self

I’m always writing about depth—deep feelings, deep thoughts, deep relationships. But I know too well that when you focus too much on one quality, its opposite begins to stir, compl…

Our Walk in the World: Bending or Loving the World

I was at the airport, traveling to New York, waiting to go through security with my passport out, when I noticed for the first time that most pages have quotes on them. And two of …

Quelling the Violence of the Inner Critic

Many of us have a violent inner critic. A colleague of mine framed it as ‘the voice of the enemy.’ It’s wily and insidious, at times quite subtle as it uproots our ideas and inspirations.

Removing the Cilice of the Mind

"If even once you can pause long enough to see how your mind causes you suffering, you can pause again, and then again."

Waking Up is Hard to Do: The Dark Side of Enlightenment

What does it mean to wake up, to be a fully realized human being? For those of us who might consider ourselves everyday people with a spiritual inclination, enlightenment can sound…

What’s on Your List?

Do the items on your list reflect your true self?