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4 Meditations to Tap Into Your Intuition

Here are 4 meditations on how to enhance your intuition and clairvoyance.

Accessing Your Creativity Meditation

Tap into your inner wisdom with this guided meditation.

April: Intuition

Grounding, alignment, and practices for tapping into your inner knowing.

How to Listen to Your Emotions

We all have bad days, where nothing we do seems to work out the way we planned. If these days are more common than not, you might feel like you are merely surviving your life. It i…

How to Re-Engage Your Intuition

Create conscious healing that eliminates the rift

Is This My Dark Night of the Soul?

Or just a case of the blues

The Anxiety of Intuition

Is intuition a useful tool or will it lead you astray? Julie Peters weighs the answers.

The Observer

Excerpt from The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for Human Condition