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10 Nighttime Routines for Peaceful Sleep

“How can you possibly start your day off bright-eyed and bushy-tailed if you don’t get a proper night’s sleep?”

10 Ways to Move with Others

Here are 10 ways to move while interacting with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers or strangers about to become new friends.

10 Ways to Simplify Your Next Trip

See the world without losing your mind or your way.

10 Ways to Support a Healthy Microbiome

Everyone’s microbiome is slightly different, but for this week’s Healthy Habits, here are some ways to support it in general.

17 Healthy Habits to Start (or Restart) Now

As the world begins to open up again, we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves—or to restart healthy habits we let lapse.

3 Nature-Based Practices for Battling Zoom Fatigue

How greening your space, petting your animal bestie, and taking a break to walk can fight Zoom fatigue and improve your work-from-home routine.

3 Radical Ways to Stop Beating Yourself Up

Here are three ways to banish the rituals of self-flagellation.

3 Tips on Eating Right

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3 Ways to Connect More With Family

Craving more meaningful time with your loved ones? Here are easy ways to foster those deep connections.

3 Ways to Find Your Way Back to Self-Compassion

Self-criticism is often an attempt to preempt criticism from others. Self-compassion can help you be more motivated by a desire for growth.

3 Ways to Nurture Yourself In Times of Transition

Sometimes life hits us over the head, leaving us dazed. That sense of inertia and confusion is common during times of major transition. According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scal…

3 Ways to Practice Self-Compassion

Self-compassion can make a person feel more energetic, alive, and optimistic.

3 Ways to Reduce Commitment Overload

Some deep fixes for feeling chronically overwhelmed.

4 Better Ways to Breathe

Techniques for becoming more aware of your breathing patterns.

4 Meditations for Gratitude

Let’s look at gratitude through a few different lenses.

4 Ways To Create a Healthy Sleep Schedule

There are several ways you can get better sleep, solidifying your sleep schedule should be at the top of your list.

4 Ways to Release Material Wants

Here are four ways to practice releasing attachment to material belongings.

40 Days to a Lean, Calm, Energized & Happy Self

An interview with Sara Gottfried MD

5 Cures For Insomnia You Haven’t Tried Yet

Here are five new ways to make peace with your pillow.