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14 Affirmations That Make Changing Your Habits Infinitely Easier

To create lasting change, you have to look at all layers of your lifestyle, including the routines and subconscious patterns and habits.

17 Healthy Habits to Start (or Restart) Now

As the world begins to open up again, we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves—or to restart healthy habits we let lapse.

3 Painful Relationship Patterns to Stop Now

Seeing our own stress, and realizing it’s in our partner too, is the beginning of meeting each other in a new way.

4 Steps to A Committed Yoga Practice

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5 Games You Should Never Play Again

Learning to identify these games that have been forced on us can help us never to play them again.

6 Lesser-Known Ways to Beat Burnout

Are you burned out? It may feel insurmountable at times. The key is finding strategies that work for you. To start ... avoid numbing, feed your soul.

Care of the Soul: Spiritual Complexes

Don't ignore or repress your complexes, instead try to befriend them

Close the the Ground: Fashionista as Monk

In honor of spring, I decided to buy a new pair of pants. Usually, I head for St. Vincent de Paul for gently reused clothes, partly to keep the cloth out of landfills a bit longer …

Nine Practices for Conscious Aging

“As I live into my own process of aging, my worldview has been informed by the depth and insight of many great teachers.”

The Humble Power of Habit

The most important habit to start with is the one that will help us listen to our bodies more.

Train Your Brain for Good Habits

Repetition is key, research reports.