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Honoring Sacred Sexual Energy

Connect to the sacred sexual and erotic energy living in your low belly, pelvis, and genitals. This energy is related to our desire, our connection with others, our pleasure, playfulness, and the possibility of personal growth. It is a powerful part of who we are, whether or not we share that energy sexually with anyone else. Breathe into this space to honor and listen to it, inviting its guidance in our lives. This is a very simple mindfulness-based meditation, there is no explicit material here.

How to Use Guided Meditations

Guided meditation can be used to promote better sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and even to relieve chronic pain.

How to Work with Your Totem Animal

Excerpt from Totem Animals, Plain & Simple By Celia M. Gunn

Instant Calm Breathing Meditation

A guided meditation to calm yourself.

Leaning Into the Back Side of Your Chakras

Nourishing the back-body chakras is like leaning back into a waterfall of grace.

Listening for the Wisdom of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain isn’t always telling us that something is wrong necessarily, but it is telling us something.

Medication Meditation Part 3: Energizing for Lethargy, Sluggishness, or Emotional Blockage

Get a boost of energy with this Ayurveda inspired audio meditation.

Meditating With Your Anger

An audio meditation to engage with our anger and compassion without shame.

Meditation for Calm Even in a Loud Place: Pratyahara

This guided meditation connects with sounds and distractions to help us get centered. This classical technique, called pratyahara, allows the mind and body to calm down, focus, and feel a lot better.

Meditation for Connecting to Sexual Energy as Life Force

A guided meditation to harness your sexual energy.

Meditation for Deep Sleep: A Delicious Fantasyland

Wander through a delicious fantasyland filled with benevolent flowers with nourishing, healing properties.

Meditation for Deepest Desires: The Lush Garden

Invite your desire to speak to you in your dreams.

Meditation for Emotional Healing: Transformative Fire

This guided meditation allows the listener to release unwanted emotions.

Meditation for Energy: Earth

Become present while connecting with Earth energy through the use of breathing exercises and guided visualizations

Meditation for Heartache or Emotional Pain

An audio meditation for times of emotional pain.

Meditation for Letting Go With the Waning Moon

An audio meditation for letting go and moving on.

Meditation for Listening to Your Many Selves

An audio meditation to open our understanding of our different voices.

Meditation for Loneliness

Explore the power of loneliness and isolation through guided meditation.

Meditation for Releasing Sadness

Sometimes the fastest way to feel better is to simply allow ourselves to be with the emotion of sadness in our bodies.

Meditation for Surrender

Explore an opening and embodying of divine love