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Using Mindfulness to Tackle Clutter

Just as mindfulness helps us clear our minds, it can also help us clear a path through the house.

Using Sound And Light To Picture The Brain And Body

A look at an innovative medical technology called photoacoustic imaging technique, a non-invasive process that uses the conversion of light and sound to create functional, molecular, and structural imaging.

Using Storytelling to Pass Down Heritage and Cultural Wisdom

“Once while we were traveling in Japan and heard a white man speak fluently, my grandmother told me it was shameful that I couldn’t speak Japanese. I am fifth or sixth generation Japanese American from Hawaii, depending on what side you look at. My blood says I’m 100 percent Japanese but there’s nothing culturally Japanese about me.”

Using Technology So It Doesn’t Use You

Take these two actions to set boundaries around your phone and social media.

Using the Lens of Self-Awareness to Shift Your Personal Vibration

“The process of genuine, self-loving transformation requires us to view ourselves with new lenses, new ways of really witnessing, as we take the journey inward.”

Using the Pelvic Floor as an Energetic Gateway

“For years, consciously contracting my pelvic floor when I felt unsafe or when I needed a little more power and confidence was really helpful for me … It creates a kind of energetic shield of protection between me and the world.”

Vaccinate Against Stress

Beneficial bacteria may become the basis for an immunization.

Vajrayana: Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Dramatically Boosts Brain Power

Vajrayana, an advanced form of Tibetan Buddhist meditation, has been shown to dramatically boost cognitive performance, according to new research. The findings are unique in that, …

Valentine’s Day: Don’t Seek Love, Be Love

So often when Valentine’s Day is approaching, we all start looking for signs of love outside of ourselves—chocolate, cards, phone calls, flowers, gifts or other sweet sentiments. T…

Valerie Bennis


Valerie Brooks

Valerie Brooks is a Chopra-certified meditation teacher, a certified master practitioner in the Law of Attraction, and she's currently getting certified in EFT (tapping). With a ma…

Valerie Brooks

Valerie Brooks is a Chopra-certified meditation teacher, a certified master practitioner in the Law of Attraction, and is currently getting certified in EFT (tapping). With a maste…

Valerie Gangas

Valerie Gangas is a transformational speaker, life coach and author of Enlightenment Is Sexy: Every Woman’s Guide to a Magical Life. She specializes in helping people make radical …

Valerie June

Valerie June is a Tennessee-bred, New York-based singer-songwriter who New York Magazine says is “one of Americana music’s most gifted and eclectic performers.”

Valerie June's 7 Most Spiritually Uplifting Songs

Singer-songwriter Valerie June shares her go-to spiritually uplifting songs—with links!

Van Morrison


Vanessa Hua


Veg Out

Ready to take the leap? Suzy Amis Cameron shares her favorite resources for embracing a plant-based diet.

Veg Revolution: Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant

Moosewood Cookbook—that cozy, hand-lettered, and charmingly illustrated collection of vegetarian recipes—is one of the 10 best-selling cookbooks of all time. But more than being a …