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What Are We, Really

BEYOND THE HORIZONSome ideas seem almost too big to begin to wrap one’s mind around — and almost too scary to even try. But given the choice of putting on blinders to stay comforta…

What Are You in Service To?

When I think about service, I think about my first teacher, Arvis Joen Justi. In my 20s, I became interested in Zen Buddhism through a book I read by Alan Watts. I cannot remember which one it was, but at the time, in the early 1980s, Watts was a popular writer and one of the first people to bring Eastern spiritual teachings to the West.

What are You Waiting For? Ditch the True Love Myth

When it comes to the health of our bodies or it comes to the health of our relationships, many of us are hopeless optimists. We ignore the warning signs that something isn’t right,…

What Are Your “Stand Fors”?

“Encouraged by ego and the desire to not fail, people stick with the investment bought with faulty facts and then maintained even though they know better.”

What Are Your Charms?

Several years ago my husband and I decided we wanted to buy a home in a really nice part of Maui. The house we chose was all glass and wood and had a beautiful ocean view. We set o…

What are Your Deal Breakers?

Most of us have explored the concept of “deal breakers” in a relationship in the dating phase of our lives. We may have even made lists of what we want and what we don’t.But what a…

What Astrology Really Tells You

“You may be among the millions of Americans who are curious about, if not seriously engaged with, astrology. Me too.”

What Can Be Done About Religious Fanatics?

“In addition to neutralizing its noxious expressions, we need to learn more about what drives religious fanaticism and take steps to prevent it from taking root in the minds and hearts of the young.”

What Can You Re-Commit To?

In all relationships, sometimes a little reinvention is needed.

What Causes Fear of Intimacy? 4 Reasons

For anyone who’s struggled with getting close to someone (even someone you want to be close to), listen up.

What Channel Are You Tuning Into?

“Your transcendent gifts can be cultivated further, and then sit back and watch them grow!”

What Connects Us: Vulnerability

An excerpt from The Wisdom We're Born With by Daniel Gottlieb

What Did R. Kelly Steal?

Sometimes low self-esteem starts with high self-esteem.

What Did You Talk Yourself Out of Today?

I recently sampled not one but two of the richest, thickest, sweetest, most stratospherically satiny ice creams I've ever tasted.One of these was High Road Craft Ice Cream, made by…

What do we mean by "God"?

I’d say we had at least 15 people coming and going for our local four-hour block meditation on Sunday. It’s great when people are able to come even for an hour. The more often we c…

What Do We Really Mean When We Say We're Doing Nothing?

When anyone asks what I've been doing lately, I almost always say: "Nothing."Of course, that's not literally true. Yesterday, I wrote two articles, drew a picture of a girl wearing…

What Do You Know for Sure?

"Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth." —Pema ChodronHave you ever asked yourself what you know “for sure”? I have and I am absolutely, resolutely sure that I h…

What Does It Mean to Be a True Empath?

Empathetic people's hearts go out to others. True empaths feel others’ happiness or sadness in their own body, which can lead to emotional overload.