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6 Tools for More Freedom—the Buddhist Way

Discover ways to feel more free through Buddhist practices. “We all want freedom but we are not always so sure about what it is or how to attain it.”

Bearing Witness to Modern-Day Slavery

Peggy Callahan co-founded Free the Slaves, one of the leading anti-slavery organizations on the planet, and set about building a movement in a world where many people still believe…

Book Review: Freedom for All of Us A Monk, a Philosopher, and a Psychiatrist on Finding Inner Peace

THIS WARM, INSIGHT-RICH WORK is transcribed from dialogues between the authors of 2018’s In Search of Wisdom. Alexandre Jollien, Christophe André, and Matthieu Ricard’s latest …

Fish, Freedom, and Fate

“Are we freer when we let go of the need to own, to control, and, sometimes, even to know, especially when the path to knowledge violates the spirit of other living things?”

Freedom in Commitment

I was talking with a delightful couple the other day. They shared that they were drawn to be together, knew they were the one for each other, but the fear of commitment gnawed at e…

Lam La Che (On the Road)

Lam La Che (On the RoadTechungARC Music ProductionsThe latest album from the Tibetan-born folk and freedom musician Techung, Lam La Che (On the Road) combines traditional songs fro…

Take It or Leave It: 5 Affirmations for letting go

Decades after leaving monastic life, the author continues to find freedom in his vow of poverty.