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15 Affirmations for When Things Don’t Go As Expected

When your expectations are dashed, try these affirmations.

Chasing Happiness

Like the Buddhist notion of longing, individuals who place a high value on happiness are desperate to be happy. They say things like, “Happiness is extremely important to me,” or “…

How Letting Go of Expectations Enables You to Live Better

Expectations can lead you astray, and hanging on to them can lead to disappointment and angst. The author learned three lessons from her peach trees about unmet expectations—and how letting go of expected outcomes can lead to a better life.

Shatter Your Illusions: Practice Acceptance of What Is

Recently a business associate wrote me an e-mail complaining that I hadn’t yet sent him a document he had requested. I explained to him that I had moved offices and changed compute…

The Art of Escaping Reactivity

How do you cultivate the quietness of your being?

The Disappointed and the Disappointment

How to break free from this perpetual drama

The Toxic Tide of Expectations

How high expectations can sabotage your self-esteem.