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What is the Treasure Hiding Beneath Your Fears?

Most of us have a “fight or flight” response to fear. We either get reactive about a perceived potential threat, or we want to retreat as far away from the potential danger as we c…

What Is Transformational Travel?

A new way of thinking about and experiencing the world takes your vacation to the next level.

What Is Your Anger Trying to Tell You?

All emotions, including anger, are signals about what we’re needing.

What Is Your Crazy?

When I was twenty-one, my grandma was bedridden and needed full time care. She was worried that the lady living with her and taking care of her was crazy and asked us to get someon…

What is Your Primary Element?

Although your dominant element is consistent throughout your life, you may notice that your elemental constitution changes, just as you do. This quiz is a particularly good indicat…

What is your Return On Relationship Investment?

For nearly twenty years I have been teaching at CEO Space, an entrepreneurial training and business growth conference. Being steeped in the concept of Return on Investment as it re…

What is Your Super Power?

About a year ago, I was leading a creative writing class and I gave the students this prompt: “If you could be a superhero with one power, what would that power be?” Instantly, sni…

What Is Your Thyroid Telling You?

Vibrant introduces readers to practical steps to improve everything from brain health and energy to immunity and weight. This excerpt explains the vital role your thyroid plays in your whole-person health.

What It Really Means to Practice Radical Acceptance

There are many misconceptions about what radical acceptance — a skill taught in dialectical behavior therapy — actually looks like. One of the biggest myths is that rad…

What Keeps Me Going: An Interview with Michael Moore

Filmmaker Michael Moore went to Catholic seminary at age 14 and thought about becoming a priest. Instead, he became an activist. He started his own newspaper in Flint, Michigan, be…

What Kind Of God Do I Believe In?

I believe everything happens according to God’s will. Six months ago my neighbor, driving drunk, caused an accident that killed her 12-year-old daughter. Did God do this to teach h…

What Kind of Strong Do You Choose?

What is your “go-to” tactic for dealing with the icky stuff in life, for becoming triumphant over your obstacles? Most of us fall in to habitual patterns when faced with challenges…

What Love Looks Like Now

We welcome back former columnist Geri Larkin. She shares her thoughts on kindness and community.

What Makes a Sangha?

“All the siblings in my family are authentic members of my family. Because our identity doesn’t depend on our possessing some unchanging “common thing,” we don’t have to argue over…

What Makes an Ordinary Place a Sacred Space?

With one in five Americans now unaffiliated with organized religion, a new generation is on a journey to create—or discover—the next great sacred space.

What Makes Couples Stick

It all comes down to two key efforts: conflict management and avoiding external threats.

What Makes Scripture Holy?

What makes scripture “holy?” Ask that question to a fundamentalist Christian, and the answer is simple. “The Bible is the literally the word of God,” some Christians will tell yo…

What Maya Healers Can Teach Us About Cancer

New research shows how Maya healers perceive cancer beyond the physical body.

What My Puppy Teaches Me

Puppies can teach us a lot about how to respond to frustrating and difficult situations in positive and productive ways.