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Book Review: Embracing New Samaria

A book by a Mexican-American evangelical minister from Minnesota (via Laredo), written for fellow “Jesus freaks” intent on making new disciples, planting new churches, and seein…

Book Review: Reconcilable Differences

Connecting in a Disconnected World

Diversifying Meditation

“Meditation is not only one of the best forms of relaxation; it is free, fully accessible, and easily taught. The practice can be expanded to low-income and minority populations through four simple ways.”

How To Celebrate Interfaith Holidays

Here are some tips on how to enjoy a celebration that’s new to you.

Michael Franti: For the Love

The Spearhead frontman reflects on acceptance, yoga, and his daily prayer.

Music Review: Jala


Podcast: Alejandro Mandes, Our Multiethnic Future

Social worker and theologian Alejandro Mandes is devoted to providing immigrants with the tools to find the hope of the gospel, a path to legal residency, and a home and church that accepts them.

Superpowering Mental Wellness

Sharon Blady views neurodiversity as a superpower. “I’ve been Geek Grrrl for as long as I can remember, and well before I used the term for reclamation and empowerment.”

The Merging Effect

Relationship building beyond our own homes.

Us and Them: The Eternal Division We Have to Transcend

Almost every weekend, my wife and I hike on a well-maintained trail abutting Los Angeles. The hikers we come across are as diverse as the passengers on a New York subway. We see fa…