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5 Questions for Alan Safdi MD, FACG

Medical Director, Telluride Longevity Institute

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Silver

Silver has numerous health benefits, including a property that suffocates bacteria.

After Two Years of Marriage, I Lost My Husband to a Disease

After only two years of marriage, I lost my husband to a disease neither one of us had ever heard of. My best friend is getting married and she has asked me not to attend the weddi…

Balance Your Body’s Ph

Simple changes to your diet can reduce the effect of acid-forming foods.

Beating All Odds

How people with remarkable recoveries from incurable illness are the flagship for a new science of health

Changing the World with Fishing Nets and Wedding Veils

"I sliced one bag open, and the veil fell into my hands. One net; a huge promise. Even then, I wondered: could this net save a life?"

Choosing to Live

Excerpt of It’s Not Yet Dark

How Birth Month Is Linked to Disease

Seasonal and environmental factors explain the connections.

Strategic Aging

Making the most of what can be the best time of our lives.

The Limitations of Concrete: Disease Is a Verb, Not a Noun

Reality is constantly in flux. Life is ever-changing. Remembering that illness isn't a solid identity is a step toward embracing healing possibilities.

The Shocking Truth About Your Blood Work

Functional blood chemistry analysis is the preventative superhero.

Three Cups a Day Help Prevent Stroke

THREE CUPS A DAY HELP PREVENT STROKEThere are very few known ways to reduce the risk of stroke, but a recent UCLA study found that drinking at least three cups of green or black te…

To Defuse a Traumatic Situation, Play Tetris

The total distraction of an addictive video game like Tetris may have a surprising health benefit: preventing post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.Emily Holmes, Ph.D. and Cather…

Training Your Brain with Tea

To improve brain health, look no further than a cup of tea.

What Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

Anything going on inside your body will eventually appear on the outside—and your fingernails are a prime place for these changes to manifest.