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16 Affirmations For Courage

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. –Muhammad Ali

20 Affirmations for Public Speaking with Ease

If delivering a speech of any sort leaves you feeling tongue-tied, use these affirmations to make yourself feel more confident and powerful.

3 Flower Essences to Build Courage

Flower essences are a subtle medicine. They are helpful for working on emotional and energetic layers of our being. Try these three essences to build your courage.

5 Ways to Be Brave Today

“Now that the whole world feels enveloped in a cloud of fear, we think only healthcare providers and a rare few others can be counted as courageous. Yes, they are: But so are you.”

Book Review: The Fear Cure

The Fear CureCultivating Courage as Medicine for the Body, Mind, and SoulBy Lissa RankinHAY HOUSEAnyone given to chronic fear knows that it acts like a disease—pouncing, then …

Breaking the Cycle of Fear

The best way to deal with pain is to figure out how to move through it

Goddess Matangi: Salty Old Lady, Teen Angst Heart

Soon, I’m turning 29. My birthday always sends me into an introspective tailspin about what age means, considering the past, and wondering what the heck I’m doing with my life.When…

Imagineering the Soul

Look to innovative thinkers like Walt Disney’s Imagineers to revitalize your spirit.

It’s Never Too Late to Be Yourself

Author Davina Kotulski talks about how tapping into your inner courage, joy, and truth will transform you into the person you were meant to be.

Luvvie Ajayi Jones’ Guide to Professional Troublemaking

The author of “Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual,” Luvvie Ajayi Jones offers a guide to dealing with imposter syndrome, boosting self-confidence, and becoming a professional troublemaker.

Make Your Story a Gift

To come to know and to make sense of and to share our stories is not an act of selfishness, but an act of growth, healing, and ultimately, generosity. But what is a writer to do with a violent story she cannot narrate—when it’s her own?

Sometimes Just Stepping Outside Is a Mark of Courage

On crowded streets, I often wonder who among us found it very hard to leave his or her home that day, yet did it anyway.In other words, I wonder who is brave. Then I send silent gr…

Using Courage to Navigate Our LIves

The year is 325 AD. On one of a small cluster of islands in the south pacific sea, now known as the Marquesas, a young Tahitian man is anxiously gathering tools for a unique voyage…

Where’s My White Knight?

Instead of waiting to be rescued, look inward to save yourself.