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13 Tips for Taking a Bath to Soothe Your Chronic Pain

“I bathe a few times a week. Sometimes every day. In my old tub with my plastic-bag pillow. Telling my body that it’s okay to relax. To soothe. Letting it know that things will finally be okay.”

4 Mindset Shifts to Change Your Relationship With Chronic Pain

“There was no ‘normal’ life to return to. In my own surprising, glorious, and hurting human body, I was already living it.”

5 Questions to Help Decode Your Chronic Back Pain

That chronic back pain is a message from your body. Are you listening? These 5 questions will help you gain insight.

5 Steps to Relieve Chronic Back Pain

A spinal surgeon shares how to relieve chronic back pain without going under the knife.

Are You Attached to Pain?

The surprising reason why some chronic pain patients act like they don't want to get better—and how to help them.

Calming Chronic Pain With Beth Darnell, PhD

Beth Darnall talks to Rami about making life adjustments to manage chronic pain.

Chronic Pain, Trauma, and the Nervous System

Chronic pain can be caused by lingering trauma, creating stress that is unresolved. Break the cycle.

Finding Pain Relief Outside of a Pill Bottle

Searching for relief beyond pain medication? “The flare-up continues to grip me all over, but I don’t resist.”

Healing Chronic Back Pain

Once you start to listen to the sensations in your body, it allows for healing to take place.

How Meditation and Mindfulness Help Ease Chronic Illness

A novel study found that patients who practice meditation and mindfulness experience better sleep and relaxation patterns and have a more accepting outlook toward living with a long-term illness.

Inside the Mind of Chronic Pain

A new generation of researchers is getting inside the mind of chronic pain—and unlocking powerful psychotherapies against what might be the nation’s biggest health crisis.

Lessons From Yin Yoga for Managing Chronic Pain

Yin yoga works the connective tissue that wraps around our muscles and carries messages from the brain. By practicing yin yoga, we may be able to reprogram some of the physical patterns causing chronic pain.

Listening for the Wisdom of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain isn’t always telling us that something is wrong necessarily, but it is telling us something.

Living With Chronic Pain

Stricken with untreatable and unexplainable pain, writer Monica Bhide finds solace—and strength—in a fragrant cup of tea.

Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be a strong current threatening to sweep us away. Discover tools for managing chronic pain one moment at time, including expressive writing, meditation, yoga, bath rituals, and more.

Mindfulness Meditation for Chronic Pain

Mindfulness meditation can help us befriend the pain sensations and teach the brain that it doesn’t need to sound the alarm so hard.

The Tao of Chronic Pain

Suffering is Optional. Here’s how to find the teacher inside.

Vidyamala Burch: Living Well With Chronic Pain

Vidyamala Burch discusses chronic pain and primary and secondary suffering, and shares a simple meditation for pain relief.

Yoga for Chronic Pain: Part 1

Pain is incredibly useful. A calming yoga practice encourages the brain to create a new samskara.

Yoga for Chronic Pain: Part 2

A rounded yoga practice includes both stimulating and calming postures to tone and rebalance the nervous system.