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5 Ways to Get Involved in Craftivism

Craftivism is a way to be a changemaker while also being creative with your hands. Here are five ways to craft real change right now.

Book Review: Charity Detox

Charity DetoxWhat Charity Would Look Like If  We Cared About ResultsBy Robert D. LuptonHARPERONEI handed the homeless man a dollar, and he responded warmly. Still, I walked aw…

Charitable Giving: Do You Know How Your Donation is Being Used?

“The problem isn’t that the Vatican needs money to maintain its operations, but that it is getting millions of dollars from a fund officially designated for helping people. This isn’t new, but it seems all the more egregious when religion preys on those who pray.”

Chelsea Hill and 100 Women Who Care Maui

Mana’olana Pink Paddlers, a canoe club for cancer patients and cancer survivors, has been a recipient of a donation from 100 Women Who Care Maui.

Indulging the Totally Selfish Joys of Selfless Giving

Here’s the science behind creating a chain reaction of goodnessThough economists and grumps have long argued to the contrary, many spiritual traditions teach us that, at our core, …

Join a Different Kind of Holiday Service

How to offer assistance to those in need.

Karma in the Kitchen

Every meal is a gift at these pay-it-forward restaurants.

Music Review: Charity - Songs of the Native American Church

Kevin YazzieCanyon RecordsFor thousands of years, peyote has been sanctified as a medicine for emotional healing and spiritual connection among the indigenous peoples of North and …

Our 20th Anniversary “Heroes in Action”

Read about inspiring people transforming the world with a little help for S&H.

The Commons: How Can I Love You Better?

The wisdom of asking one simple and difficult question

The Commons: Stepping into My Brother’s Shoes

Field notes on the making of a hero

The Paradox of Being Holy

There are two ways to be holy, but you wouldn’t know it from the things we say about those who are.

Thoughtful Giving: Make Sure You're Providing Real Help

When I give money to international agencies that work in developing countries, I worry that my money doesn’t reach the intended recipient. How can I be smart about choosing which p…

To Give or Not to Give: What Prompts Us to Donate to Charity?

A homeless man stands on the corner holding a cardboard sign with the word “Hungry.” As you check out a few items at the drugstore, the clerk asks if you’d like to donate school su…

Toolbox: Expanded Giving

This season, let your gift giving be the ripple that expands into a global wave of good with these picks from S&H.

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide (from Yourself)

3 Lessons from Selfless Service