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Creative Spiritual Practices for Your Family this Lent

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Exchanging Worry for Wonder

A Catholic priest’s encounter with God through Zen

Is Rep. Michelle Bachman a Bigot?

“Hey, I’m not anti-Catholic, I just think the Pope is the Antichrist.” While not a direct quote (I will get to those in a moment) from Rev. Mark Schroeder, president of the Wiscons…

Overcoming the History and Failings of Papal Infallibility

Infallibility was a “nineteenth-century novelty” gone wrong

Pope Francis: Fresh Face in the Vatican

My years of writing about religion and spirituality for San Francisco’s two daily newspapers roughly coincided with the reign of Pope John Paul II, which, from 1978-2005, was the s…

Rebirth for Catholic Brothers and Sisters?

While a quick glance at the American Catholic priesthood shows a population that is white, aging, and shrinking, a new, first-of-its-kind survey of 4000 Catholic brothers and siste…

River of Fire: My Spiritual Journey

Sister Helen Prejean is famous for her book Dead Man Walking. In this volume, she looks back on her childhood in Baton Rouge and her early career.

The Catholic Church Needs Celibate Women Priests

If the the bishops and the Pope really want to alleviate the shortage of priests, they need to open the priesthood to women.

The Latest Rage: #PopeCrush

There is a pink elephant in the room. It’s name is the religious right, and I am calling it out. Turns out they do not like the Pope (though many others do: #popecrush). What has c…

The Surprise Boost of Mass Mobs

A twist on the Flash Mob is helping to save historic Catholic churches.

The Venerable Bead

A nonbeliever seeks comfort in the ritual of the rosary.

Why I Returned to Church

Reflections on Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy and my return to being Catholic