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Yoga, Meditation and a Plant-Based Diet, Key Ingredients in Your Evolution

An excerpt from Russell Simmons’ new book The Happy Vegan: A Guide to Living a Long, Health, and Successful Life.

Yoga, Transformation, Silence, and Why I'm Just Like Gandhi

When famous yogi and author Yogananda visits Gandhi in his memoir Autobiography of a Yogi, it happens to be Monday, Gandhi’s weekly day of silence. “Years ago,” the great master ex…


Awaken the Soul to Your True Essence

Yogananda's Inspiring Life Story

Celebrating 70 Years!


Saraswati Clere and Kate Clere McIntyre’s documentary marvels at the way that yoga has gone from being a male-dominated practice to a phenomenon among women. (When it originat…

Yogic Prescription of the Week: Read Some Good Fiction

I was sitting with a yoga teacher friend the other day, and he was having one of those freak-out moments we all have from time to time. You know the one: “I’m not good enough, I do…


Yoga for Youth Elizabeth Reese, Ph.D. This trilingual (English, Spanish, and Sanskrit) interdisciplinary yoga-for-kids program combines music, games, original art, and stories wi…

Yogis Need Boundaries Too

Before I became a yoga teacher, I assumed all my teachers must have had it all figured out. They always had such great lessons, and seemed so calm and collected. I wanted to be lik…

Yolanda McAdam

Yolanda McAdam is an animist, astrologer and educator of creative possibilities. When not consulting, writing or teaching, she can be found wandering the forests and mountains of A…

You Are a Part. Not Apart.

The ideal spiritual practice fosters compassion, justice, love, and a sense of unity.

You Are an Infinite Nonzero Game

Excerpted from The Golden Rule & the Games People Play by Rami Shapiro

You Are Better than Your Fitbit

The Simplest, Cheapest, And Most Accurate Way To Know How Hard To Work Out

You Are My Valentine. And You, and You …

Can we try directing our love toward’s everyone, just for one day?

You are Nobody. Thank Goodness.

“I always wanted to be somebody. Now I realize I should have been more specific.” ~Lily Tomlin A friend of mine recently shared with me something he learned from the philosopher O…

You are not a Pen, You are not a Body

“Indian spiritual tradition teaches that it is only our ignorance that makes us identify with our physical form, that temporary vehicle created out of matter which changes and perishes, rather than with our divine unchangeable content which is our true identify.”

You Are the Alchemist

When we think about the specifics of what we would like to manifest in our lives, our visions should feel absolutely yummy: I mean an “ooh-that-feels-so-wonderful” kind of feeling.…

You Are the Hero of Your Own Story

Now is your chance to to see yourself as the hero of your own tale.

You Are What You Eat: Yoga of Synthesis #3

Sponsored Content from Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas

You Are Wired for Joy

Excerpts from Joyful Living by Amy Leigh Mercree

You are Wise, Resourceful and Kind

Dathüns focus on how we can come into our heart, beyond the negative thoughts we may have about ourselves, and tune into what is really, fundamentally there.