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13 Tips for Taking a Bath to Soothe Your Chronic Pain

“I bathe a few times a week. Sometimes every day. In my old tub with my plastic-bag pillow. Telling my body that it’s okay to relax. To soothe. Letting it know that things will finally be okay.”

5 Beautiful Ways to Use Pumpkin for Skin

You can have your pumpkin for skin and eat it too with these seasonal skincare recipes.

A Bachelor’s Guide to Organic Bathing Basics

Here’s the problem: You’re a bachelor and have invited a very special woman to spend the weekend. She loves bathing, and you want to create an organic sanctuary for her — but you h…

Are You Brushing Your Skin Enough?

Dry brushing can remove accumulated dead cells, promote healthy circulation, clear pores, and more.

Bathe for Creativity

Try a ritual bath as a way to go inward and access your own healing medicine.

Bathing With Quartz Crystals

Bathwater is an excellent conductor for the energy magnified by a variety of quartz crystals.

Full Moon Ritual Bath

A ritual bath for self reflection and integration of our shadow selves.

The Healing Magic of Forest Bathing

Once a month is enough to sustain higher levels of immunity, and the intention of healing magnifies the effects.

Toolbox: Home Spa Inspiration

Release the worries of the day with these finds from S&H