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14 Affirmations for Processing Anger

Anger can grant us tremendous strength but can become destructive, too. Here are affirmations for acknowledging anger, moving through it, and releasing it.

5 Ways Not to Be Irritated All the Time

Constantly annoyed? Here are some strategies to overcome anger.

5 Ways to Process the Anger You Thought You Weren't Allowed to Feel

Start observing your anger to truly understand where it should be directed.

5 Ways to Resolve Anger in Quarantine

Feeling angry and cagey in lockdown with your partner? Here are 5 methods to (resolving) the madness.

An Easy Fix for Frustration

Now that naps have become more acceptable for healthy adults, we’re starting to hear terms like “strategic napping.”

Angry Meditators

Approaching anger with curiosity and compassion can allow for a powerful purification process.

Book Review: Walking Through Anger

Conte’s approach hinges on the principle of Yield Theory: the idea that anger is best defused when we meet other people where they are, as opposed to where we would like them to be.

Breaking the Bad Love Spell

What can your anger teach you about yourself for better relationships?

Channeling Anger Into Spiritual Action

Reframe anger over injurious events from “I’m furious!” to “this is wrong, and I want to do something about it.”

Conscious Activism: How to Transform Anger

How anger is used can determine activist effectiveness.

Destroy Your Enemies. (Make Them Your Friends)

Abraham Lincoln said that the most effective way of destroying enemies was to make them friends. Sounds so wonderful and wise, doesn’t it? But what about in actual practice? Honest…

Embracing All Emotions: An Empath Pioneer Shows You How

We talk to Karla McLaren about what we can learn from our anger, how to approach anxiety, why positive emotions aren't always positive, and more.

How to Control Anger

Sometimes you just need to stop and think…but sometimes that’s the worst thing you can do.

How to Deal With Anger

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Learning from Our Worst Selves: Feeding the Shadow Wolf

Sometimes fear, anger, or sadness are appropriate responses to the complexities of life.

Managing Anger in Isolation

Your quarantine partner just aggravated you again. You’re angry—or are you? Reflection may reveal something else.

Meditating With Your Anger

An audio meditation to engage with our anger and compassion without shame.

Owning Our Sacred Rage

In order to cultivate our fierceness, we must “re-vision” our relationship to three important aspects of ourselves.

Rage and Relationships: How Anger Can Help Intimacy

When we can channel our anger into compassionate communication, it can help us cultivate a stronger sense of self along with even more intimate and satisfying relationships.