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10 Ways to Move with Others

Here are 10 ways to move while interacting with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers or strangers about to become new friends.

3 New Ways to Battle Loneliness, Connect Better With Others, and Live to Be 100

Feeling alone may literally shorten your life. In her new book, Growing Young, Marta Zaraska shares some less-known ways to address the problem.

4 Ways to Be Wise

Beyond “knowing best,” wisdom is a process one must tap into.

5 Key Habits for Healthy Aging

What can you do to slow or reverse the ravages of aging?

5 Questions for Julia Cameron

S&H sits down with Julia Cameron to discuss aging, art, and creativity.

5 Ways to Avoid Losing Muscle Mass

Keeping muscle as we age.

5 Ways To Preserve Your Brain Power

Healthy brains, just like healthy bodies, can better withstand the tests of time. Here are the top five tips to keep your mind sharp.

5 Ways to Rewire Your Thoughts on the Aging Process

Why resent aging when you can celebrate the triumph of still being here?

6 Stories on Aging Gracefully

Age is nothing, but a number.

A Dependable Strength Sticks With You Over the Years

Relying on your dependable strength allows you to live a happier and fuller life—take it from a 78-year-old expert on living better.

A Lifeboat for the Caregiver

Taking care of a loved one with dementia can be a grueling task, but meditation and support can lighten the load.

A Prescription to Walk

Walking is easily accessible for most people, doesn’t require any kind of special gear, and it’s less likely to cause injury for people that are just starting with an exercise program.

A Symphony of Movement

It wasn’t so long ago that the aging brain was considered a done deal.

Aging Into Awakening

Connie Zweig guides readers as they shift from role to soul.

Aging With Consciousness

Baby Boomers, never ones for rocking chairs, are increasingly looking at life’s third act as one filled with many possibilities, instead of none.

Aging With Divine Feminine Beauty

All women possess divine feminine energy. This is an eternal, creative energy that balances and compliments masculine life energy—the yin to the yang.

Aging With Humility (We’re Not Indispensable)

Think of yourself as a leaf on a tree. Contributing what we can while realizing we’re not indispensable releases us to appreciate our own life cycle.

Aging With Wiggle Room, the Great Glory of Life

“I turned 77 on my last birthday and now recognize some of the effects of aging. I can’t wiggle my body in quite the same way as I did when I was 7 or 17, among many other things I can’t do quite as well now.”

Aging: One Size Does Not Fit All

A new study suggests different measures for defining “old age.”