How to Get Published in Spirituality & Health Magazine

Thank you for your interest in writing for Spirituality & Health: A Unity Publication. We value and encourage submissions, especially from our readers. Please let these writer submission guidelines help you prepare an article so your query and submission process will go smoothly.

Rather than sending an article that is already complete, first pitch your idea to the editors of the S&H magazine and website by emailing [email protected]. They can collaborate with you to make your article most interesting and helpful to S&H readers.

Completed articles are also acceptable. Email them as a Word doc attachment to [email protected]. We'll do our best to respond, even if we can't use the submission.

For more detail, see the Requirements section below.

Keep in Mind:

Most submissions end up on our website as digital articles. We have much more room on our site than in the bimonthly print magazine.

A nice range for digital articles is 700-800 words. Features in the print magazine are two basic lengths: 1,100 or 1,600 words.

Tell us about yourself in your query. Our readers love to hear from experts. If you're an expert let us know.

Payment varies for the website and magazine. We pay upon acceptance. We buy only first rights, so please do not submit anything that has been previously published either in print or online.

Read and Research Before You Write

It is very important to be familiar with our magazine and website before sending a query.

We recommend that you peruse the website and read several issues of the magazine.

Note the subjects we cover and the tone and style we use.

Types of Articles We're Looking For:

Health and lifestyles articles that share information and advice about achieving optimal physical and emotional health, strengthening relationships, and living a joyful and abundant life

Mind-body-spirit articles that address the relationship among the mental, physical, and spiritual realms

First-person articles about having a deep spiritual experience or going through a significant, often dramatic event that resulted in spiritual growth or insight

Profiles of people who are using spiritual principles to make a difference in the world

Spiritual tools and practices, including prayer and meditation

Stories about interfaith beliefs and practices

Stories about having a significant insight or a deeper spiritual understanding while traveling


Email queries or articles to [email protected]. Please do not send written materials by mail.

In the email subject header, please specify “Query” with the title of the article.

Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, and email address. Also include past writing credits and a brief bio detailing your credentials for writing on the topic that you propose.

Please allow eight weeks for a response. We look forward to reviewing your query for Spirituality & Health.