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Protein and Evolution

Understanding this science allows us to make dietary choices that effectively send our bodies into repair and longevity mode.

Protein for Mental Health

Eating lean protein and slow-release energy food helps keep your mood up and depression at bay.

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The New Science of Periodic Protein Deprivation

Our ancestors feasted and fasted, cycling their protein consumption. So should we.

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Science & Spirit: A Harmful Protein and More

This week, Kathryn Drury Wagner found useful tips from researchers on how to be more successful with a workout regimen, why we don’t have 13th floors on buildings, and the healthiest ways to eat protein.

<em>Edit Article</em> 9 Facts That Will Change How You Think About Protein
9 Facts That Will Change How You Think About Protein

Protein is all the rage right now—there are hundreds of versions of a clean, lean, low-carb diet—it seems to be the one thing that every nutritional expert can support. According t…

Eat Less Meat (But Still Get Your Protein) With These 3 Power Seeds

Read on for nutrition facts on getting protein from seeds and the best way to use each in your everyday routine.

Demystifying Snack Bars: Dos and Don’ts

What’s the difference between a granola bar and a protein bar, and are they truly healthy?

Product Review: Greek Yogurt

Thick, creamy, and packed with protein—what's not to love?

A Diet for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Reduce caffeine, boost healthy proteins, and make healthier carbohydrate choices.

Pumpkin Power

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to enjoy the newest protein in town.

The Raw Truth

The Raw Truth: Recipes and Resources for the Living Foods Lifestyleby Jeremy S. SafronWith more than 200 recipes to delight the palate, enticing and colorful photos, and just the r…

The Longevity Kitchen

Satisfying, Big-Flavor Recipes Featuring the Top 16 Age-Busting Power FoodsBy Rebecca Katz with Mat EdelsonTEN SPEED PRESSWhat do you get when you take the top science-approved nut…

Film Review: Bugs

BugsDirected by Andreas JohnsenRosforth FilmsOpening with a culinary feast involving bowls of soldier fly larvae, locust tabbouleh, and dung beetle stew, Andreas Johnsen’s fascinat…

Book Review: A Plea for the Animals

A Plea for the AnimalsThe Moral, Philosophical, and Evolutionary Imperative to Treat All Beings with CompassionBy Matthieu RicardShambhala PublicationsAccording to a statistic cite…

Wheat Belly

At his wit’s end because of his severe reactions to eating wheat, William Davis, MD decided to become the guinea pig in a simple experiment. The question was whether his body would…

Milk Drinkers Suffer the Most Bone Fractures

In light of the steady drip, drip, drip of research linking the consumption of dairy products to a variety of life-threatening ailments and diseases it might be prudent to revisit …

Forbidden Rice? How Watermelon Heals

“Forbidden” Black Rice Rivals Blueberries in AntioxidantsBlueberries are well known for their high antioxidant levels and disease-fighting properties, but the king of berries has a…

Getting the Truth from Fish Oil Producers

If you’re unnerved by the idea that a typical package of hamburger might contain flesh from hundreds, if not thousands, of cows, you may be surprised to know the oil in your fish o…

The Physics of Our Entanglements

Reality isn’t what it used to be.Historians disagree over precisely when it changed. Some say the year 1905. Others point to key events in 1964 and 1982. I think of it as a glacial…

Earthly Goods: Get Fit, Feel Better

Strengthen Your CoreI have a friend in her late 80s who has more pep in her step and sparkle in her eye than ever — and she attributes it to her thrice weekly Pilates sessions that…

Soy Vey! Is It Time to Toss Your Tofu?

Superfood or diet villain? Researchers weigh in on the pros and cons of soy.

The Health Benefits of Fish, Licorice and Seaweed

Eating Fish Instead of Meat Could Reduce the Risk of DiabetesResearchers in Spain report that the consumption of foods from the healthy Mediterranean diet — olive oil, fresh vegeta…

Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking

A diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten intolerance can often come as a relief to someone who’s been struggling with mysterious sickness and pain for months or even years, says Pet…

Hemp, The Hero Plant

Celebrate the third annual Hemp History Week, June 4th - 10th, with a plethora of products that are good for you and for our planet. Eco-friendly hemp isn't only a nutritious food,…

To Your Health

This summer, bring a splash of color to your table.As someone who has been fascinated by and infatuated with food for as long as I can remember (and through subsequent chapters as …

Dark Chocolate Protects the Heart

DARK CHOCOLATE PROTECTS THE HEARTIt takes surprisingly little dark chocolate to protect the heart against the risk of heart disease — 6.7 grams of this sweet indulgence a day to be…

Is Watermelon a Natural Viagra?

A cold slice of juicy watermelon has long been a healthy summer staple, boasting ample amounts of nutrients, such as potassium, beta carotene, and lycopene. Now another nutrient in…

DNA: The Things We Carry

Ninety percent of the cells in what we think of as our body are nonhuman. Our nonhuman components fuel our cells, digest our food, synthesize vitamins, maintain our immune defenses…

Can Too Much Meat Lead to Diabetes?

Too much protein eaten along with fat may lead to insulin resistance, reports an animal study from Duke University Medical Center, providing a clue as to why the blood chemistry of…

Lessons from Peak Experiences

About 10 years ago I paddled my white-water kayak onto a wave at “Steamer Lane” in Santa Cruz, California, on a day when the size of the of the waves at the famed surf spot made th…

Three Cups a Day Help Prevent Stroke

THREE CUPS A DAY HELP PREVENT STROKEThere are very few known ways to reduce the risk of stroke, but a recent UCLA study found that drinking at least three cups of green or black te…

Why Raw-Foodies Get Such Poor Miles per Meal

Richard Wrangham knows something about how human diets evolved. He’s a Harvard professor of anthropology, the curator of primate behavior biology at the Peabody Museum, director of…

Your Food Pharmacy

Before chronic health issues like inflammation and fatigue take hold, look for a cure in your kitchen.

Why Some Health Foods Aren't So Healthy After All

Are kale chips and mango smoothies a smart choice? Don't be fooled by the "health halo" warns food sociologist Dina Rose.

Holidays, Happier: Start a New Family Tradition

Nurture your family’s holiday food traditions across cultures.

In the Arctic, A Hunger for Ancestral Foods

The loss of traditional hunting has forced many Inuit to rely on expensive imported food, but many find the Western diet leaves them feeling empty, body and soul.

How to Get More Energy, Improve Memory, and Increase Concentration

New research shows how fat tissue reduces your brain function.

Ayurveda for Inflammation

Every choice we make, everything we do, is either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. Try Ayurveda for inflammation.

Soaking Grains: The Healthy Secret For Holiday Baking

How soaking grains can make your holiday baking traditions much healthier.

The Humble Loaf

Product Review: Gluten-free Bread

Natural Medicine: GMO Foods, Migraine Relief, and Building Bone Collagen

I keep hearing I should drink kombucha. Is it really as healthful as people claim?Dr. Michael Murray: Kombucha is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, and a glob of yeast and b…

A Food Cure for Inflammation

Herbalist Kathy Abascal is on a mission to change the way we eat, with her TQI (“to quiet inflammation”) diet plan.

Sacred Space at Home

Create an “inner sanctum” where you can connect with your partner.

Meet Your Parasites: Can They Help Heal Autoimmune Disorders?

Years after scientists first noticed that autoimmune disorders rise as our environment gets cleaner, a new generation of researchers is looking at parasites not as a scourge but as…

Everything You Need to Know About Seaweed

When most of us hear the word "seaweed," we think of nori, the pressed dried sheets of kelp used to wrap around sushi. But those papery sheets are just a small sampling of the abun…

Detox in Four Steps


5-Day Ayurveda Primer (Day Three)

Natural Healing Wisdom from the Chopra Center

Miraculous Millet

Drought tolerant, pest resistant, and homegrown—could millet be the next great sustainable grain?

Treating Alzheimer’s With Ayurveda

No matter your dosha, we should all strive to balance Vata.

Rich Gluten-Free Molten Chocolate Cake

Gluten-free baking often requires using several different types of flours and starches in one recipe, and it’s important to be sure they are thoroughly blended. In this recipe, I u…

The Good-Mood Diet

No matter what’s got you in the dumps, eating certain foods can actually improve your mood.

Could an Orchid Have Saved My Grandmother’s Brain?

A granddaughter explores research that provides new hope for Alzheimer’s patients.

Our Tibetan Crystal Bowl Adventure

A woman embraces her mother’s desire to “see more, hear more, feel more.”

Eat Your Weeds!

Look no farther than your backyard for this season’s tastiest and most nutritious greens.

The Yin & Yang of Pet Food

Preventing pet disease with Traditional Chinese Medicine

To Avoid Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s, Sleep on Your Side

A new study from Stony Brook University in New York suggests that you can protect your brain from neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s by sleeping on your side.

Yoga Cuisine

An Excerpt from Pure Vegetarian

10 Days on a Grain Brain Diet

One woman reports healthy appetite shifts and a clearer head after trying the low-carb, low-sugar regimen.

Conquering Autoimmune Disorders

Two alternative approaches offer hope to those suffering from chronic pain.

Unconventional Medicine

Dr. Neal Barnard on beating food cravings, the myth of moderation, and the health-changing power of a plant-based diet.

5 Questions for John Robbins

1. What are some of the most inspiring cultural shifts you have seen since Diet for a New America was published?People are growing increasingly aware that what we do to the earth, …

No-Guilt Snack Swaps

You’ve heard of a snack attack. Well, we’re striking back at the snacks, tossing all things energy sapping and low in nutritional value, and replacing them instead with healthful, …

Bringing Grandma Home

Grandma Aggie wants to sit in her family chair. Who could say no to that? But Grandma Aggie is no ordinary grandma and her chair is not the front porch rocker.

Joy From the Little Things Will Keep You Healthy

Research shows that positive experiences can reduce symptoms of chronic inflammation.

5 Recipes to Inspire Healthy Cooking

We all have our favorite food, but what if those foods are not the healthiest options? Here are some great recipes of some favorite dishes that will having you thanking your lucky stars you found.

9 Adaptogens To Restore Your Body

Try these natural and effective remedies and increase your resistance to stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Finding Balance for Fertility

Holistic nutritionist Nicole Granato overcame polycystic ovary syndrome without drugs. She shares her story, and tips for other women.

According To Your Zodiac Sign, Here’s The Superfood You’re Destined To Eat

Whether you’re an Aries prone to headaches or a Gemini that can’t shake a cold, we’ve lined up the perfect superfood for your astrological sign.

Best Foods To Fight Memory Loss

Which are the best foods to fight memory loss? Take this handy list on your next grocery shopping excursion.

The Secret of Future Calm

As the pace of life gets faster and faster, here’s how to avoid the shock.

3 Ways To Improve Your Mitochondrial Function

In almost every single cell in our body (sans our red blood cells) is a mitochondria, a unique organelle that contains their own special DNA. Mitochondria are known as the “energy …

Fight Depression With Fish

Depression is a leading cause of poor health, affecting an estimated 350 million people worldwide. In the U.S., nearly 7 percent of the population has had at least one major depres…

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Workout

You’ve been diligent. You’ve counted calories, carbs, grams of fat and protein—even bites. You’ve also been a regular at the gym. You’ve been doing everything right but when you lo…

How Your Father’s Stress Affects Your Health

A new study sheds more light on how something besides DNA plays a role in our health inheritance.

Why Kale and Carrots Should Be Properly Dressed

The right fats increase your carotenoid absorption by 800 percent

Ingredient Of The Week: Bee Pollen

The Buzz On The Bizarre Superfood That Boosts Your Immune System

5 Benefits of Pumpkin

From eye health to mood, here are five health benefits of pumpkin to love.

Top 12 Cholesterol-Lowering Foods

What you need to know about cholesterol and the foods that can keep it in check.

Why All the Fuss About Birch Waters

This fashionable drink from birch trees has a long history of healing

What's in Your Tea?

Next time you hit the grocery store, look out for the real stuff in your tea.

3 Simple Ways to Purify Your Body

Here are some tips for a corporeal clean sweep drawn from traditional wisdom and contemporary research.

Apple Cider Vinegar: The Benefits and How to Use It

Using apple cider vinegar instead of chemical-laden cleaning, beauty, and health products is a way to boost your own mind-body-spirit wellness.

Food As Medicine: Boost Immunity By Adding These To Your Diet

Here are five common foods that can not only feed the body, but also boost immunity and help prevent sickness from coming on in the first place.

2016 Is Officially The 'Year Of Pulses'

Why all the international fuss about pulses?

How to Beat the Winter Blues

Here’s a list of 10 helpful tips to stay warm and beat this season’s inevitable blues.

5 Ways to Hydrate Without Drinking Water

Try one of these five sources of flavorful hydration that will give you a little more nutritional bang for your buck.

Feel Full for Hours

We've rounded up seven surprisingly filling foods that can satiate you for hours.

Psst, You're Probably Eating Too Much. Here's What Servings Should Look Like

Here are some visual guides that can help demystify what constitutes moderate portions for nutritious foods, before the concept of serving sizes becomes even more abstract.

The Observer

Excerpt from The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for Human Condition

4 Signs You Might Have Damaged Your Metabolism

Discover the symptoms of a damaged or broken metabolism.

The Truth About Herbal "Tea"

How do herbal teas differ from tisanes? Are they really even tea?

Kanida Chey: Returning to Simpler Cooking

Sponsored Content from Kevin Perez

Bump Up Your Nutrition

Focus on food quality by choosing nutrient dense foods.

Balance Your Body’s Ph

Simple changes to your diet can reduce the effect of acid-forming foods.

4 Healing Beauty Rituals for Summer

The heart of conscious beauty is your relationship to your ingredients and the ritualistic care with which you engage them.

10 Best for Natural Hair Care

Scalp-soothing, hair-hydrating serums, masks and more.

The Surprising Benefits of a Healthy Ocean

A healthy ocean helps global sustainable development goals in many ways.

4 Ways To Create a Healthy Sleep Schedule

There are several ways you can get better sleep, solidifying your sleep schedule should be at the top of your list.

Happily Eating After ...

The best foods for life’s challenging healing moments.

Fight Inflammation All Day Long

Here’s how to fight chronic inflammation, all day long.

Healthy Aging Secrets from The Amazon

What if you were 80 years old but felt only 50? Shaving three decades off the aging process isn’t realistic, but a study showed that there are ways to keep your arteries, at least,…

How Religion and Spirituality Affect Our Health

A look at the research shows that both can help us—in different ways

No Sugarcoating the Truth

Is there such a thing as a healthy sugar? The latest research says no.

Green Day

Filmmaker Sergei Boutenko explains why he starts his morning with a green smoothie.

Dr. Dean Ornish: A Simple Choice for Powerful Health Benefits

The renowned physician and researcher on food addiction, the protein myth, and the power of love and connection to strengthen our health.

Power Up With Superfoods: Recipe for Homemade Energy Bars

Let’s be honest: The craving for a fast, tasty snack isn’t always satisfied by eating a banana or a bag of peeled carrot sticks.

Raw Fruit Crumble with Almond Cream

Editors' Note: We're delighted to welcome Laura Wright to our team of bloggers for our newest blog, Good Food. Laura is the creator behind The First Mess, a blog that celebrates he…

Cherry Almond Meal Muffins

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is a little yoga to stretch my limbs and wake my body up. The second thing I do is prepare breakfast. We've all heard that you s…

Tomato and White Bean Soup with Quinoa

Living in Ontario, I get very serious about stretching out warm weather as far as I can. I savor the tomatoes and juicy stone fruit, stay out in the sun and drink iced tea to my he…

"Planeat": Making the Case for an Earth-Conscious Diet

The Latin origin of the word “companion” literally means “one who eats bread with another,” and anyone who has ever walked past a bustling restaurant on a Friday night and listened…

7 Strategies for Child-Friendly Celebrations

By Cindy MatchettMy young son and the many children I have spent time with over the years have all taught me a lot about celebrating. From them, I have learned that children love t…

Chaga: The Cancer Healer and King of All Herbs

Explore how the Chaga mushroom is linked to a potential new cancer treatment.

Raw, Healthy + Savory Bangkok Wild Rice Recipe

Still think going raw means you have to eat flavorless vegetables and cold crudités? Think again. When I first learned about the benefits of eating raw cuisine - food not heated ov…

How Feelings of Awe Lower Inflammation

Do you know a person who still seems to retain a childlike sense of wonder well into adulthood? Someone who still dances in the rain, has a strong imagination, and is awe-stricken …

The Problem of Unnecessary Antibiotics: And the Power of Natural Alternatives

When your doctor tells you that your cold symptoms are due to a virus (and not a bacterial infection), do you ask for antibiotics anyway, “just in case?” After all, what does it re…

7 Suggestions for How to Spiritually Connect With Nature

Fallen out of alignment with your natural self? Find out how to spiritually connect with nature.

10 Lies My Breast Surgeon Told Me

By Bianca Alexander and Howard Jacobson, Ph.D.According to the NIH, approximately 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. While technical…

Understanding Your Cravings

Dieting mythologies have taught us that cravings are our enemies. We are told to ignore the plaintive cries of our evil bodies as they try to trick us into feeding them!Cravings ar…

3 Ways to Get Grounded from the Inside Out

With so much frenzied energy around us, cultivating our ability to ground let’s us move forward with more stability and wisdom. When we have experience with connecting to the ener…

3 Recipes to Help Detox and Support Your Digestive System

Cleansing, or detoxifying, is a big topic in the world of health. Programs range from purely nutritional and basic, to complex; requiring a large amount of supplements to properly …

The New List of Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables

Researchers have just devised a new list of powerhouse fruits and veggies (PFV). Watercress is the new champion with other leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables dominating the re…

Why Go Paleo?

One Doctor's Story

21 Days to Your Vision Quest

Get ready for the least-expensive, most-healing, most-enlightening 48 hours you may ever experience.

Mad Monk Shozan Jack Haubner

A "punk of a monk" dishes on the trials and tribulations of monastic life in his new book, Zen Confidential.

Leafy Green Recipes from Dr. Kale

An Excerpt from 50 Shades of Kale

How to Find Your Own Personal Miracle Cure

Modern medicine is driven by huge, randomized double-blind trials that may not apply to your own particular genes or lifestyle. Here’s how to join the truly personal medical revolution.

Strategic Aging

Make the most of what can be the best time of our lives.

Be Strong — Eat for Power

Excerpt from Hope, Make, Heal: 20 Crafts to Mend the Heart

Try This Gut-fulness Meditation

Take a month to figure out what you can and can’t eat.

Fix Your DNA with Meditation and Yoga

A new study suggests that mind-body interventions can reverse a common molecular reaction that causes poor health.

Toolbox: Marching for Change

Take these picks from S&H with you as you make sure your voice is heard.

Why and How to Let Go of Fear

The simple step is to understand the basic patterns driving our evolution

5 Peruvian Superfoods You’ve Never Heard Of

Quinoa, açai, and maca first scaled the heights of health-conscious glory. Now meet the latest Peruvian powerhouses.

How to Feed the Brain in Your Belly

Fixing your digestion can make you feel a lot less anxious.

Cinnamon to the Rescue

Fight extra holiday pounds with this common spice.

Sauna Training

What a month of daily infrared sauna did for me as an athlete

How Not To Feed Your Cancer

Your cancer is uniquely yours. Get to know it—so you can help deprive it of exactly what it needs to survive.

A Paleo Guide to Hormone Replacement

Men produce reproductive hormones as they age. Why not women?

Breakfast Crêpes with Cinnamon-Orange Honey ​

An excerpt from Ayurveda Cooking for Beginners: An Ayurvedic Cookbook to Balance and Heal

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Chi

Feeling less than zippy? Increase your chi and get it flowing with these methods.

Ayurveda in the Garden

There is no better time to synchronize with the rhythms of our cosmos than in late spring…

Vaccinate Against Stress

Beneficial bacteria may become the basis for an immunization.

3 Cool Drinks for Summer Inspired by Ayurveda

Discover the medicine in your kitchen.

Being "The Vegan" Aboard an Aircraft Carrier

I didn’t expect the Navy would change its meal system for me.

Aspirin May Ward off Alzheimer’s

Low-dose aspirin may potentially help, a new study suggests.

Arugula Pesto Summer Salad

Green Is the color of cool.

The Ayurvedic Medicine of Taste

The health benefits of balancing different tastes, plus a recipe for Coconut Almond Overnight Oats

The Awakening of a Healer

“Don’t you want your son to live?” The nurse asked. Yes, of course. And that was why I felt I had to leave . . .

5 Key Habits for Healthy Aging

What can you do to slow or reverse the ravages of aging?

Rethinking Plastic, Yet Again

Avoiding BPA bottles may not be enough, according to new research.

How to Bring Back Your Brain

The big problem is that so many people still think that nothing can be done to reverse dementia.

How to Eat for Healthy Gene Expression

How the expression of our genes and the makeup of our micro biome are both fundamentally connected to the foods we choose to eat.

Dosha-licious: Kaphalicious

Kapha, we may not say it often enough, but we need you.

Grief, the Thief of Sleep

The loss of a spouse can lead to a cascade of ill health effects.

Detoxify Your Gut: Relax Into a Healthy Rhythm

The secret to a happy, health gut is knowing it’s not what you eat, it’s how.

The Skinny on Fat

Even if you are not particularly interested in losing weight, you want your body to run mostly on fats.

Mushrooms Are Having a Moment

Mushrooms are in the spotlight in the worlds of nutrition, DIY, and even art. Learn more in this first article of a five-part series.

Detox with this Gingery Lemon Soup

A clear vegetable soup with the warmth of ginger and the brightness of lemon adds punch to fresh, purifying produce.

Science & Spirit: Matcha for Anxiety, Cultured Meats, and Soy Is Redeemed

This week, the focus is the latest news in nutrition. Discover how matcha tea helps with anxiety; why “clean meat” is a label you’re likely to soon see; and how soy has gotten a thumbs-up for heart health claims. Want the details? Here we go!

May the Fork Be With You

My four-legged roommates Buba-ji and Deacon are not happy with me today. They were intent on munching on a mouse when I swooped in to stop the slaughter. As they meow and run frant…

Yes, You Should Try Natto

Getting to know natto, a sticky, stinky, superfood rich in probiotics.

Top 7 Myths About Inflammation

It seems like everyone is talking about (or writing about) inflammation. Facts are spreading, but so are misconceptions.

Fight Inflamm-Aging

Aging and chronic inflammation turn out to be so interconnected, the research world has a new term: “inflammaging.”

How to Fight Inflammation with Food

There’s a simple thing you can do to control systemic inflammation: focus on nutrition, with delicious foods like berries. Here’s what to choose, and what to skip.

Chronic Inflammation: Risk Factors and Signs

“Don’t rely on your doctor to point out possible chronic inflammation to you; it doesn’t share the same visible symptoms as acute inflammation.”

3 Ways to Harness the Healing Power of Comfrey

Infused into oil, tea, or a salve, the herb Comfrey can heal the respiratory system, stomach, and bladder.

Self-Care Secrets for Your Busy Lifestyle

How do we remain healthy while successfully navigating a type-A lifestyle?

Recipe: Sautéed Corn Mushrooms with Fresh Corn and Fried Sage

Corn smut or maize mushrooms are considered a delicacy and it’s no wonder. They impart a sweet, earthy corn flavor to soups, stews, and sautés and are especially delicious cooked with corn.

Recipe: 10 Delicious (and Healthy) Baked Goods for the Holiday Season

Some of the best memories during the holidays are sparked by the smells that fill the house from the oven. Take a look at these 10 mouthwatering recipes for healthier baked goods to get you into the holiday spirit.

Moving Towards Joy

Kelly McGonigal says to use the latest research on movement to bring more delight into your life.

Top 12 Cold and Flu Fighting Foods

Boost your immune system during cold and flu season with these 12 foods that pack a powerful punch.

Get Grounded With These 3 Root Chakra Soups (Plus 1 Bonus Recipe)

Are you looking for more clarity, confidence, security, and balance in your life? It’s possible your root chakra could need some nourishment. Use these three soup recipes to help realign your root chakra.

Two Unexpected Breakfast Options for Diabetics

Tired of your usual breakfast? Here are a couple of nontraditional breakfast options to try if you have diabetes.

10 Best Foods For Eye Health

Though lifestyle and genetics play a role in our overall health, when it comes to our precious eyes, seeing clearly is important and it turns out that certain foods can support and improve your eyes’ overall health.

7 Reasons to Love Smoothies + a Recipe

Read about the benefits of blending and try a delicious green goddess smoothie.

Not Traveling Because of COVID-19? These 7 Low-FODMAP Dinners Will Take You on a Worldwide Trek

Try these seven low-FODMAP recipes from, literally, all over the map. What they have in common besides their high yum factor is that they will make you feel like you’re in a different country even when you’re stuck at home because of the spreading coronavirus.

4 Super Greens to Grow in Your Spring Garden

Eating a diet rich in greens can help you improve your blood pressure, boost your immune system, enhance your cardiovascular health, and even sharpen your mental capabilities.

How to Ace Low-FODMAP Breakfast (With 7 Recipes to Jump-Start You)

"The key to successful low-FODMAP breakfast is compiling a few easy weekday staples (like some low-FODMAP fruit and a piece of gluten-free toast, or a quick two-egg omelet with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese), plus more festive weekend options that take a bit longer, but also make a ritual out of breakfast."

Recipe: Double Chocolate Granola Parfait

A decadent-tasting, sense-stimulating, and nutrient-rich recipe that elevates the humble cauliflower.

The Health Benefits of Cauliflower Plus 3 Recipes

Cauliflower packs a serious nutritional punch and, if you're looking for a gluten-free, low-carb staple, is versatile enough to become a behind-the-scenes star of your kitchen.

The Brainbow Blueprint for Mental Health

There’s a saying that asking people to change their diet is like asking them to change their religion. What we eat and how we eat might be our most personal choices.

Here’s Your Happiness Shopping List

These feel-good foods are better alternatives than inhaling a sleeve of ultraprocessed crackers.

27 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Humming

Keep your immune system strong—now more than ever!

The Connection Between Yogic Breathing and COVID-19

Learn a breathing technique to rev up your immune system.

Collagen: A Deeper Look

Collagen is either a must for smooth skin and supple joints—or an unproven supplement that will waste your money. We went in search of answers.

Meals Together at the Long Table

Plant-based chef, nutrition professor, and researcher Amy Symington shares her take on creating meals that support community, connection, and health.

Community Champion: Jennifer Botwick

Lunch Brake is a homespun effort that delivers lunch bags filled with protein-rich snacks, water, and nonperishable foods to those in need.

Health Expert Patricia Bragg on the Miracle of Fasting

Renowned health expert Patricia Bragg, shown with her co-author Julia Loggins, has long practiced fasting and knows it is a key to a healthy immune system.

Dos and Don'ts of Holistic Digestion for Your Animal Companion

Keep your four-legged family members from developing digestive issues by following these holistic and spiritual pet tips from animal chaplain Sarah Bowen.

Got Gut Problems?

IBS? Leaky gut? CBD products can help with many digestive ailments.



Is Now the Best Time to Fast? The Doctor Says Yes

Dr. Andreas Michalsen, author of The Fasting Fix, uses fasting to treat a number of diseases from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension to cardiovascular disease, early stages of dementia, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel disease.

Sleep and Immunity: 6 Ways to Boost Your Body’s Immune System While You are Sleeping

Ward off infection and avoid illness by cranking up your body’s defense system all night long.

Is Lemon Water Really Good for You?

Pucker up, because it turns out this simple beverage packs a health punch.

8 Herbs for Ayurvedic Skincare

In ancient Ayurvedic texts, the Sanskrit word used for dermatological issues—kuṣṭha—roughly translates to “that which pulls beauty out of the skin.” Try these Ayurvedic skincare herbs for healthy skin.

Sacred Fruits: Highest Among Vibrational Foods

Discover why fruit is a high vibrational food and three ways to reap its amazing benefits.

Recasting: Grandma’s Irish Stew Goes Vegan

All the flavors will come together, like ancestral pathways.

The Energetics of Various Foodstuffs

Various types of food and nutrients provide different kinds of subtle energetics. Fats for fulfillment, carbs for comfort.

6 Ways to Improve Gut Health With Vibrational Energy Healing

Vibrational energy healing has a direct correlation to our overall health and wellbeing, especially our gut health.

Metabolism and Sleep

Sticking to a regular schedule for meals and exercise is one way to regulate metabolism for better sleep.

6 Pantry Staples to Help Kick Anxiety to the Curb

Foods rich in tryptophan, omega-3s, magnesium, B vitamins, and potassium are likely sitting on your shelf right now.

Cancer and Canopy: The Healing Power of Forest Bathing

Researchers are continuing to learn what role forests play in everything from human happiness to cancer treatment.

6 Things in Your House That Could Be Triggering Stress

Clutter, chemicals, negative media, and more can unknowingly cause stress. The good news is there’s a lot you can do about it.

A Healing Retreat Menu

Flavorful and nourishing recipes from leading retreats.

Ancient Medicine From the Sea

Seaweed is such a nutrient-dense food that very little is required to receive myriad health benefits.

Self-Care Tips from Slow Animals and Helpful Droids

While animals are good inspiration for self-care ideas, droids are excellent for helping maintain motivation.

Balance Is as Close as Your Body’s Rhythm

“All of your biological subengines are interdependent; eating patterns affect sleeping patterns, sleeping and exercise patterns affect alertness and metabolic health, and so on.”

4 Nutrition Tips to Help Manage Your Anxiety

For anxiety management, try putting on your nutrition armor of adequacy, consistency, balance, and permission to enjoy food.

19 Cooling Practices

Struggling to escape the heat? Cool it with tips from Ayurveda, yoga, Western herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, and everyday common sense.

Quiz: What’s Your Nourishment Style?

Find your unique nourishment style, based on the five elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

4 Reasons Food Rules Cause Gut Upset

You are doing all the "right" things with your diet... but your stomach is constantly upset. Food rules may be causing the problem.

Fighting Alzheimer’s With Food

Nutrition may slow Alzheimer’s and has a role in preventing it. Discover practical advice for maximizing your brain health now.

What Is an Anthroposophic Diet?

An anthroposophic diet can take many forms, but there are certain general guidelines to follow.

Re/Treat Yourself: Peace and Quiet

An electronics-free retreat center tucked into an old-growth forest in Wisconsin? We went there.

How to Use Supplements for Brain Health

A pharmacist offers her advice on how to skillfully utilize supplements to support brain health.

Is Holistic Wellness an Alzheimer's Solution?

The founder of Northwest Memory Care Center explores a potential healing regimen for Alzheimer's—one backed by research data.

5 Ways to Nourish Yourself After a Night of Insomnia

Couldn’t get to sleep last night? Here are five ways to have a better day today, and get a better night’s sleep tonight.

How to Eat Well Without Sacrificing Your Mental Health

Explore how one athlete learned to nourish herself after a life-threatening illness stopped her in her tracks.

How Food and Mood Are Connected

Explore how what we eat and how we feel are connected, and discover new tips for supporting your relationship with food.

How to Use Ayurveda for Fibromyalgia

The ancient “science of life” offers potential healing for chronic pain and fatigue—explore how to utilize Ayurveda for fibromyalgia.

Bean Soup Bliss—Satisfy Eden Cravings Today

Enjoy a pure, delicious blend of nutrient-rich Eden beans and real organic seasonings that will please, satisfy, and nourish you. Try this recipe.

Dr. Will Cole on Healing Our Gut Feelings

We spoke with functional medicine practitioner Dr. Will Cole on his new book, Gut Feelings.

Dip and Celebrate

White bean dip is a smooth and creamy appetizer perfect for any gathering. Eden is real organic food that nourishes and purifies.

A Cereal Meal—Any Time of Day

Set a positive tone to any day with a soothing bowl of Eden Müesli. Eden organic whole grain provides bracing, centering energy.

Eden Tahini and Black Sesame Butter—Superfood Nourishment

Share the goodness of sesame with a delicious macrobiotic miso-tahini spread and dip recipe.

5 Yogic Practices for the Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve helps us build emotional resilience and manage our fight-or-flight and rest-and-digest processes. Explore five yogic practices to help strengthen the vagus nerve.

5 Must-Have Tools to Turn Fight-or-Flight Into Rest-and-Digest

Use these five creative tools to shift from the sympathetic nervous system into the parasympathetic nervous system.

Organic Eden Miso—A Patiently Crafted Superfood

Organic Eden Miso is live culture, unpasteurized miso made from non-GMO, organic ingredients, traditionally crafted at a 175-year-old Japanese miso company.

What Is Seed Cycling?

Seed cycling is a practice that encourages us to connect with our menstrual cycles and with the moon cycles. Learn how to practice seed cycling in just a few steps.

Beans Benefits—Beneficial Eden Black Soybeans

Enjoy the superfood powers of beans with this tasty summertime crostini recipe.

How Do Physical Health and Mental Health Affect Each Other?

Physical and mental health are directly intertwined. Learned more about how one impacts the other.

Make Your Own Cooked Beans With Eden Dry Beans & Kombu

Learn how easy it is to make nourishing, filling beans from scratch with Eden dried beans.

Miso—A Bracing, Delicious, and Concentrated Superfood

Learn how Eden miso is made with traditional methods, and savor the umami goodness with an autumnal recipe.

Quiz: How Strong Is Your Digestive Fire?

The digestive fire affects all aspects of the body. Take this quiz to see how yours fares, and learn how to support it with 15 simple tips.

Quinoa—Mother Grain

Learn more about Eden quinoa cultivation, source, its farmers, and delicious richness.

Circadian Rhythms: How to Light Your Way to Better Sleep

Aligning your daily routine with the rhythm of day and night can drastically improve your sleep.

10 Unexpected Forms of Resistance Training

A personal trainer helps shake up your resistance training routine with these 10 unexpected forms of exercise.

Herbal-Spiritual Perspectives on Boosting Immunity

Herbs have the power to boost immunity and nourish the spirit. Learn more with wisdom from herbalist and green witch Robin Rose Bennett.

A Nervous System Healing Protocol for Chronic Pain and Illness

When we take time out of our lives and focus on healing, chronic pain and illness may become easier to manage.

Healing Hormones with the Moon Cycle

While the female body has a deep connection with the cycles of the moon, anyone can work with the cycles of the moon for healing. Learn how.