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gratitude meditations
4 Meditations for Gratitude

Let’s look at gratitude through a few different lenses.

Happy, calm woman wearing headphones listening to guided meditation
How to Use Guided Meditations

Guided meditation can be used to promote better sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and even to relieve chronic pain.

4 Mini Meditations for a Peaceful Holiday Season

Spirituality is accessible even during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, if we make it a practice in our everyday lives.

6 Meditations For Personal Transformation

“While personal transformation may not be the goal for everyone, I can’t help but think so many people limit themselves.”

Five Variations on 5-Minute Meditations

Easy options for 5-minute meditations

3 Meditations for Group Healing

In a world that feels divided, mantras for group unity and transformation.

7 Affirmations for Daily Walking Meditations

Many new studies suggest that mindful walking is good, not only for mental health, but also to relieve stress. Moreover mindfulness, in general, is shown to improve chronic inflamm…

51 Meditations for Tending the Heart Fire

Find your flow in the new year with these “micro meditations” for renewal, connection, and inner strength.

5 Meditations for Navigating Negative, Anxious Thoughts

Navigating negative, anxious thoughts is hard. It’s hard when your mind ruminates on rigid thoughts: I should do things quickly. I should be more productive. I should never say thi…

4 Moving Meditations to Still Your Mind

When you consider a practice of meditation, you probably envision yourself with eyes closed, sitting cross-legged and immobile. Yet many spiritual exercises use postures and moveme…

A Kid Shucking Corn: Meditations on Being Present

My mother is a true-blue Midwestern farm girl, born and raised on an 80-acre homestead north of Detroit. We visited the farm often when I was a child, and even though most of the l…

3 Popular Meditations For Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD)

Here are three spiritual and holistic techniques that you can use to help you with SAD

Music Review: Cello & Piano Meditations, Music for Relaxation and Healing

Cello & Piano Meditations: Music for Relaxation and HealingDavid Darling and Jacqueline Tschabold BhuyanSounds True Some years ago, pianist Jacqueline Tschabold Bhuyan suffer…

20 Calming or Invigorating Mini Meditations You Can Practice Every Day

Inspiration for practicing kindness and breathing in the beauty of daily moments and the miracles that are our lives.

Audio Meditation: Gratitude

A short meditation to instantly bring love and compassion to yourself so that you can bring love and gratitude to the world.

Meditating With Your Anger

An audio meditation to engage with our anger and compassion without shame.

Guided Meditation for the End of the Year

Say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new.

Guided Meditation for Loving Your Belly

This meditation will help you to explore your own belly, offering it thanks, appreciation, and perhaps a little bit of healing.

The Fullness of Emptiness: A Guided Breath Meditation

This guided meditation explores the bottom of the breath.

Podcast: Kevin Anderson, PhD on Using Nested Meditations as a Powerful Tool

The creator of the nested meditation form shares how to use playful language to release heavy emotions.

5-Minute Pratyahara Meditation to Focus the Mind and Calm Anxiety

Use this guided meditation to draw the senses closer to connect with the body in the present moment.

Audio Meditation: A Pleasure Practice

A guided meditation for tasting a little sweetness.

Audio Meditation for Connecting to the Heart

The heart holds our love, connection, joy, and forgiveness. It can also hold grief and anxiety. Sometimes what the heart feels is very different from what the mind thinks it wants.…

What We Still Don’t Know about Mindfulness Meditation

Despite the hype, researchers are still exploring the benefits of meditation and how much practice we need to achieve them.

4 Intuition Meditation Scripts to Access Higher Self

Follow these four intuition meditation scripts to enhance your intuition and clairvoyance.

Earth Meditation for Safety and Calm

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Slow down and connect to Earth energy, which is grounding and calming. Allow Earth to remind you where you came from and all the potential you still have ahead of you. Take a few deep breaths and rest with your original mama: Earth.

The Power of the Moon

Tap into the power of the moon with these easy practices for moon spirituality.

Lunar Reflections

Julie Peters, the author of Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses, shares her wisdom on building a moon practice.

New Moon Meditation: The Goddess of Loneliness

A preview of Moon Meditations: 16 Nights for Desire, Heartache, and Connection

Grounding Salad

Excerpts from Eat with Intention by Cassandra Bodzak

Harmony Meditation

Practice these breathing exercises, guided visualizations, and meditations that promote inner balance, and the recognition of expansive unity.

Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter is the author of Spiritually Fly: Wisdom, Meditations, and Yoga to Elevate the Soul.

Meditation for Letting Go With the Waning Moon

An audio meditation for letting go and moving on.

From Holidaze to Holydays: A 7-minute Reset

An audio meditation to help reset from your worst self to your best self.

Breathing in the Evil and Releasing the Good

An Excerpt from Make Me One with Everything

4 Water Meditation Techniques

Find some water—in a fountain, a pool, infused in a glass on your nightstand—and balance your energy center with water meditations.

Stop Suppressing, Start Examining

Faith Hunter, author of Spiritually Fly: Wisdom, Meditations, and Yoga to Elevate the Soul, offers a technique for diving deep with your demons.

The Power of the Pause Maria Shriver

Thoughts from a life on very fast-forward

Up All Night

As she struggles to accept the sounds of violence between predator and prey, writer Tai Moses learns to hear beauty in the darkness.

Caroline Griffith

Caroline Griffith is a Spiritual Dog Trainer, founder of Canine Flow, creator of RelaxDog Meditations, and author of The Best Dog Diet Ever.…

Yoga for Emotional Trauma

By creating a healing environment for your body through yoga, you can transform emotional trauma into well-being, release suffering, and come home to your body’s natural capacity for health and joy.

Moon Practices

Tap into the power of the moon with moon practices that sync your spiritual life with the natural world. Discover meditations, rituals, affirmations, and many more moon practices.

Simple Meditation to Feel Calm and Centered

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5 Questions for Sharon Salzberg

1. What important lesson came out of your childhood?Maybe most strikingly, the impermanence and uncertainty of life. As a child I had no ability to extract the sweet from the bitte…

Notes From Your Therapist: The Humanity in Grief

When heart-wrenching loss entered therapist Allyson Dineen’s life, she began writing meditations and affirmations for herself to process her grief and shared them on social media. Here is an excerpt from that collection, Notes From Your Therapist.

The One Relationship You Can Never Leave

Do the work of being in a loving, healthy, committed relationship with ourselves or suffer the rest of our lives with an internal roommate we hate.

Restorative Yoga to Open Your Heart

Find internal peace with this practice designed to powerfully and gently open the heart center

Elena Mironov

Elena Mironov ( is a Zurich-based senior yoga and meditation teacher, educator and author with over 15 years of teaching experience, 90+ yoga retreats and over…

Kevin Anderson PhD, Psychotherapist

Kevin Anderson, Ph.D. is a psychologist, poet, and writer who lives in the Toledo, Ohio area. His two most recent books are Now is Where God Lives: A Year of Nested Meditations to …

Practicing Self-Care During Stressful Times

When stress strikes, self-care often takes a backseat. “The ability to care for oneself is predicated on the ability to consistently go inward and listen to what is there with open…

The Lunar Tao

Meditations in Harmony with the SeasonsBy Deng Ming-DaoHARPERONE In this book of daily meditations, Deng Ming-Dao reflects on the origins and historical mythology from Taoism, Bud…

Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver lives an extraordinary life— a mother of four, a Peabody Award–winning and Emmy Award–winning journalist and producer, a six-time New York Times best…

Video: Vortex Healing at Sedona's Enchantment Resort

Known for its majestic red rocks, healing energy vortexes and spiritual mysticism, for centuries, Sedona, Arizona served as sacred ground for the Native Americans. Today, millions …

Marketplace - Sep/Oct 2016

Books, services, education and products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Podcast: Spirituality in the Time of Coronavirus, Part 2

Maintaining your psychological and spiritual health during the coronavirus crisis.

“I’m Turned Off by the Higher Power Language in A.A.”

“The brightness of an incandescent bulb is determined by how many twists are in its filament. Each twist increases the resistance of the wire, which in turn makes the filament heat up more and glow brighter. Likewise, each twisted, broken aspect of our lives can add to our capacity to be a light.”

An Old and Surprisingly Helpful Definition of Sin

What if we define sin as “anxious self-centeredness”? When we empty ourselves of lower energies, what takes their place?

Julie Peters

Julie Peters (MA, E-RYT, YACEP) has been practicing yoga and meditation for 25 years and ran Ocean and Crow Yoga Studio in Vancouver, BC, for over a decade. She has written two boo…

January: The Breath

January: The Breath Challenge After exploring the stories and resources on this page, consider the ways you can deepen your connection to your breath: create a playlist of guided …

Books We Love 2021

Discover your new reading list: S&H’s guide to books we love, from upcoming titles to past favorites.

Book Review: The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety by Pat Longo

Anxiety, panic attacks, sadness, and heightened sensitivity can carry with them a multitude of other effects—headaches, depression, and impediments from life’s joys. However…

"I Feel Like I'm Losing It"

Question: My 80-year-old mother died six months ago—nine weeks after she was diagnosed with cancer. Our relationship was complicated. I loved her dearly but she was also the …

A Sound Sleep

Guided Meditations with Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds By Dudley and Dean Evenson Husband-and-wife team Dean and Dudley Evenson address the needs of two types of stressed-out ins…

Christian Mystics

365 Readings and MeditationsBy Matthew Fox“Christendom adjusts itself far too easily to the worship of power. Christians should give more offense, shock the world far more than the…

Book Review: Dream Yoga

Dream YogaIlluminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of SleepBy Andrew HolecekSounds TrueDream Yoga is a book that makes big promises: According to author …

Accidental Meditation: You're Already Doing it

Most people think they are bad at meditating. Can’t sit still and turn your thoughts off for at least 20 minutes? You’re not bad at meditating, you’re just a human with a brain.Act…

Meditation Medication: Grounding for Anxiety or Overwhelm

The first in three-part meditation series inspired by Ayurveda.

Podcast: Lama Surya Das on Dogs as Teachers

Rami asks Lama Surya Das, “Does a dog have Buddha nature?”

Marketplace - Jan/Feb 2016

Books, services, education and products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Is anything better than waking up refreshed? Are you unable to answer that question because you don’t remember what waking up refreshed feels like? We can relate. Read on if you or anyone you love needs tips on how to get a good night's sleep.

7 Ways to Sharpen Your Intuition

Intuition can become mute, stifled, or drowned out when we find ourselves out of balance. Here are some ways to help you get grounded so that you can reconnect with that inner voice.

Podcast: Pamela Seelig, Threads of Yoga

Rabbi Rami and Pamela Seelig discuss the yoga sutras, quieting the mind, yoga as an antidote, the eight-limb path, and more.

Join a Different Kind of Holiday Service

How to offer assistance to those in need.

Contributors - November/December 2018

Contributors to our September/October 2018 issue: Kevin Anderson PhD, Julia Cameron, Deborah Gordon MD, Alena Hennessy, Erik Sean Larson, Hal Robinson

Morning Meditation Mini Challenge

“Woke up, fell out of bed...” Do you start your day running around, like the gentleman in The Beatles’ song, “A Day in the Life”? He staggers downstairs, downs a cup of coffee, gra…

The Force of Kindness

Change Your Life with Love and Compassion By Sharon Salzberg There is a thread that runs through all the world’s great wisdom teachings and religions, crossing the barriers of ti…

All It Takes Is 11 Minutes

Discover how much easier your meditation practice can be with one specific helpful tool.

The Value of Mental Pictures

How One Woman Fights PTSD With Guided Imagery

Film Review: Walk With Me

Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch (his rich, mellifluous baritone is immediately recognizable), this beautifully immersive documentary was produced over three years among the Buddhi…

Eckhart Tolle's "Music for Inner Stillness"

Music has always been a way to get in touch with emotion, nature, and inner stillness. And who better to choose a compilation of songs to promote relaxed presence than Eckhart Toll…

Awakening to the Kalachakra

How easy it is to completely miss the inner wisdom of our ancient wisdom traditions.

Surprised by Grace

How often are you startled by afresh spiritual awareness — a simple and unexpected new metaphor for your life journey? Discover 'nested meditation’ and experience how wordplay can open your soul.

Strategies for Overcoming Resistance and Distractions in Meditation

Here are some strategies that will help you stay steady on the path of a regular meditation practice.

The Dunrobin Session

Pauline Oliveros and Jesse StewartNUUN RECORDSOliveros has explained deep listening as “listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what one is doing.”…

9 Wellness Resources for Black Women When Life Gets You Down

Black Girl Magic can’t protect us from everything. Here are nine online resources to help black women keep our cool when racism rears its ugly head.

Book Review: Around the World in 80 Spiritual Places

Defining spiritual places is the first order of business, a task made joyful by the abundance of landscapes, locales, buildings, and sites to choose from. A highlight of the book’s…

Music Review: Solo

“Most people would never realize that I am closer to Thelonious Monk than to any other artist,” writes Wadada Leo Smith in the liner notes for his latest album, Solo: Reflections a…

Music Review: Om Land

Om LandDavid Vito GregoliDharmapalaOm Land is the latest offering from award-winning composer David Vito Gregoli. The album is a loving meditation on the divine sound OM, with the …

Ana Lilia

Ana Lilia is a certified breathwork teacher and healer leading thousands of people to intimately connect with their breath as a pathway for transformation. Ana channels her intuit…

Book Review: Neurodharma

We can leverage mental tools to tap into desired feelings of calm, contentment, peace, focus, and non-judgement, and move away from stress and anxiety.

5 Favorites to Quiet the Mind

Books, Music, Film, Health, Healing, Wellness, Meditation

Book Review: Fulfilled

How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life

Music Review: Kala

KalaTrevor HallVanguard RecordsTrevor Hall’s new album, Kala, was written in Hawaii and recorded in Los Angeles and reverberates with an eclectic mix of reggae, Sanskrit chant, and…

Music Review: We Are

We Are is the powerful new album from pianist/singer Jon Batiste, his first full-length studio album since Hollywood Africans in 2018. These 13 songs optimistically celebra…

Journey and Connect with the Divine

Join Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama of Sri Lanka for 4 days of ancient healing wisdom and self discovery at the Redwoods in Scotts Valley, California.

5 Questions for Mary Oliver

Beloved poet and natural world evangelist Mary Oliver pulls the curtain for a rare glimpse behind her writing and life. Her new book of prose, Upstream, filled with gorgeous essays…

My Practice: Listening to the Basil

A zen priestess shares how she brings mindfulness into her kitchen

How to Leave This World Awake

The secret may be adding a single space to play.

When You Need Stillness

Lately, my mind has felt very crowded. There are so many thoughts bumping up against each other in my brain. You have sooooo much to do. Did you call this person? Pay that bill? R…

Moon Practice: Ritual for a Spring Full Moon

On the full moon, create a ritual that has meaning for you.

Your Assignment: Whose Soul?

Meditate on the most difficult spiritual question of our time.

Book Review: Deeper Dating

Deeper Dating How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy By Ken PageShambhalaI have some excellent news: You don’t need to be a size …

High Summer and the Divine Feminine

What kind of summer do you want to have? Explore the divine feminine within yourself, whatever your gender.

5 Tips for Holiday Stress Management

Here are a few tips for keeping calm and taking care during the holiday season.

3 Ways to Use Meditation to Boost Creativity

Three ways to up your creative forces.

The Branches of Grief Yoga

Open your heart, tap into joy, and explore the transformative healing nature of Grief Yoga.

How to Commute Inward

In her beautiful book Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life, Dani Shapiro writes, “The deeper I immerse myself in the details—and they are mostly pleasur…

10 Ways to Make Meditation Practice A No-Brainer

Set yourself up for successful meditation practice.

3 Tips for Building a Meditation Habit

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6 Ways to Stop Arguing and Start Listening

Explore ways to lay down the swords and work on our listening skills when faced with a potential argument.

A Mystical Truth Hidden in “I Am Never Good Enough in My World”

Transform Self-denigration into Self-actualization by making some much-needed edits to the sentence “I am Never Good Enough in My World.”

Zen Medication: Can Meditation Heal Us?

A study published in the July Journal of Psychiatric Practice reveals that Zen meditation and its secular sister, mindfulness meditation, effectively reduce depression, anxiety, an…

Surprise Yourself with a Nested Meditation

One of the more ingenious tools we’ve found for reframing a tough situation—or simply having fun with words—is a process that psychologist Kevin Anderson calls nested meditation. I…

What’s Your Doggie’s Dosha?

Canine wellness expert Amanda Ree dishes ayurvedic wisdom via dog dosha quizzes, balancing your furry friend's dosha and customizing it to meet your BFF's unique needs.

Follow the Spirit of Your Heart Through Meditation and Awareness

Here are 7 simple soulful steps you can take every day to bring more light to your heart chakra.

5 Ways to Claim Body Acceptance

Instead of making resolutions, reshape your attitude about your body.

Featured Artist Deedee Cheriel

S&H editor Ben Nussbaum chatted with Deedee about her spiritual journey and how it intersects with her art, simplicity, and why images of mothers are so important to her.

Faux Paws: Common Sayings Animal Lovers Should Avoid

Thingifying animals is a thing (Sure! I'll be your guinea pig!)—and words matter. Here are tips for kinder and more mindful, animal-inclusive speech from the world’s wisdom traditions.

The Second Book of the Tao

By Stephen MitchellPenguin Press, 2009, $25.95Adapted from two anthologies of Chinese wisdom compiled probably between 300 and 100 B.C.E. (the Chuang Tzu by Master Chuang, and the …

Inside the Jan/Feb 2018 Issue

A preview of the Jan/Feb 2018 issue.

Sit Up Straight: How to Deepen Your Meditation with Better Posture

If you’ve been meditating for some time now, but haven’t been able to deepen your practice, it may be time to check your posture.

A Prayer for All Beings

This winter I was in the Bahamas at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram for an interfaith symposium, a very good place to be if you are seeking a break from the cold New England winters! I f…

Join a Movement Called Squam

Four years ago, Elizabeth Duvivier had a high-powered job in product development. She had watched her company grow from a small, single-owner entity to a corporate behemoth and was…

This Summer Camp Teaches Stop, Breathe & Think

And it changes the world, one interaction at a time.

COVID-19 and the Truth About Happiness

Finding perspective on COVID-19.

Sensing a Traumaversary

On a tragic anniversary—a traumaversary—ask yourself: What does your body need?

Books We Love

This year, our Books We Love section examines self-care from an ayurvedic perspective, how food affects mental health and immunity, and how to cultivate a moon practice, and more.

Is Meditation Teacher Training Right for Me?

With interest in spirituality surging, the need for qualified meditation teachers has grown. Is meditation teacher training right for you?

6 Crystals to Help You Sleep

Find the right crystal for your sleep issue, and you'll soon be lost in dreamland.

Finding Quiet

7 places to experience silence

What Really Happens When We Meditate

An interview with Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson about their new book, Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body

5 Weeks to Break Out of a Rut

Shake up your routine and get inspired with these five ideas.

Rewild Yourself to Feel Connected

Rewilding means reconnecting with your “wild untamed soul.” Remember the way home with this practice.

Two New Books for Finding Real Joy in Relationships

Two new books in the field of positive psychology show us how to find real-life joy in our relationships.

Ritual: Go Inward With the New Moon

This week there was new moon in the sky, did you notice it? Aha! That was a trick question! The new moon is also referred to as the dark moon because it is the only time of the mon…

Jade Eggs for Yoni Yoga

A thousand years before Dr. Kegel, Taoist’s created this sensually healing practice

Healing Mother Earth: Seek Within

“The Seeking Our Humanity trilogy is a masterwork for saving Mother Earth right now. A glorious call to action ... the method will surprise and delight you. ... Let the healing begin.”

Science & Spirit: All About Aging

Organs age at different rates, even a little alcohol shrinks your brain, and steps matter.

Play This Mind Game with Fruit and Nuts

Recently I was running a workshop on the MB-EAT program for therapists experienced in mindfulness meditation. We started with a mindfulness eating practice that focused on making c…

Live as an Everyday Mystic

How are you participating in co-creating paradigm shifts in your personal and professional lives as we usher in this new era?

4 Yoga Poses to Save You From Burnout

Create space for self-healing with a yoga sequence designed to cultivate your receptive nature.

The Ultimate De-Stressing Daily Routine

Put this anti-stress routine on your to-do list for a more zen approach to daily life.

My Practice: Mindful Walking in Town

In “My Practice,” we share personal routines that create wellness and happiness from spiritual teachers, yogis, nutritionists, and more, in hopes to inspire your own healthy rituals.

5 Reasons Not to Meditate

I’ll be honest: I’ve never liked meditating. I’ve dabbled in it, and forced myself to sit for 30 day meditation challenges, and it was boring and hard. Plus life is so busy: Five m…

Yoga for Better Sleep

You can improve your sleep just by implementing bedtime yoga sequences into your daily practice. Yoga for better sleep can be done from the comfort of your own bed.

Practices to Reconnect With Your Body

Want to reconnect with your body but not sure how? Discover practical steps.

Practices for Death and Rebirth for Scorpio Season

Honor your grief as we enter into the season of generative death and prepare for the coming season of rebirth.

Purify with Gong Healing

Since their invention in the Bronze Age, gongs have served many purposes: as Shamanic healing aids, to announce the start of ceremonies, as parts of orchestras or to eliminate bad …

Befriending Pain

Over the last several years, I’ve come to believe that the greatest, most powerful, most courageous thing we can do in our lives is learn to befriend our pain. This idea is a majo…

5 Touchstones for “Good Enough” Parenting

The good news? Research shows that parents don’t have to be perfect to raise secure children.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Easter Season

“Regardless of what traditions you follow, the spiritual meaning of Easter is a new light after sacrifice or tribulation.”

The Infinite Transforming Power of Mind

An excerpt from In Search of Wisdom: A Monk, A Philosopher, and Psychiatrist on What Matters Most

Has Meditation Gotten Too Easy?

When people are meditating so they can perform better at work, we have to ask: Is that really the point?

Refresh Body and Spirit With a Moon Practice

Does your New Year’s Resolution feel like a distant memory? The moon provides a monthly fresh start.

Notice Prayer When It Happens

In this week’s The Soul of Therapy, psychologist Kevin Anderson, PhD, stresses that prayer is simply recognizing when joy, gratitude, compassion, or awe happen.

The Healing Power of Chant

Kirtan practitioner Snatam Kaur finds the vibrations that move us, body and soul.

Why Do We Do Long Sittings?

Our meditation group had six stalwart sitters yesterday for our four-hour block sitting, in spite of the our city’s annual summer festival being in full swing, the gorgeous weather…

How to Use an Oracle for Your Meditation Practice

Explore how an oracle deck can help you strengthen your meditation practice, become more present, and stay grounded no matter what.

What’s the Weirdest Thing You’re Thankful For?

“I’m thankful for nondairy creamer, locking doors, and never having to take algebra again.”

Moon Rituals: Tending Your Internal Garden

“New moons are related to water and fertility. Metaphorically, in the dark of the new moon, we pause to consider our desires, set intentions, and think about what we might want to put our energy into as the moon waxes towards full.”

Letter to the Inner Child

Try this writing practice of forgiveness: Visualize the person you felt hurt by as an 8 year old.

Death Awareness: Wrestling, Reflecting, and Revising the Final Act

Practicing death awareness need not be morbid. It can help you live your values more fully and cherish your life.

8 Tricks for Controlling Holiday Binge Eating and Drinking

Avoid overeating and drinking too much this holiday season by mindfully focusing on giving yourself pleasure rather than trying to numb the pain.

Dealing with COVID-19: 5 Ways to Control Coronavirus Anxiety

Is coronavirus news ramping up your anxiety? Does the thought of social distancing make you fret? Try these five strategies to help you cope.

From the Editor: November/December

It’s the best possible time to be alive, when almost everything you thought you knew is wrong!” That line, from Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, helped us find fellow seekers for the launch…

What to Do With the Winter Blues

This year is bluer than most—and this may be the bluest winter on record. Fight the winter blues in five ways.

Separating Physical Pain from Emotional Pain

When we suppress emotional energy, it lands in the energy system for the physical body, generating or exacerbating pain, illness and disease.

Humbling Reminders to Live Heavily Meditated

“Buddha was right: difficulty and suffering keep coming at us in small and large ways. If we’re not doing daily practice, we will just get better at adding to our suffering.”

9 Steps to Zen & Inner Peace

What is the secret to happiness and spiritual expansion? Follow these 9 steps to zen and develop an inner state of balance and tranquility.

What's Your Game of Thrones?

Not everyone excels at flights of fancy, but for those stuck on the ground, maybe fantasizing can become a useful practice.

Choose Hope and Healing in Divided Times

Become part of a collective lifting up of humanity by actively choosing hope and healing and by sending light into a divided world.

How Mindfulness Helps Caregivers More Than Positive Psychology

When success is “The first time I have not cried all the way to the mailbox…”

How I Finally Awakened from My Past Lives

Sometimes an unnecessary burden can be very useful

re/VIEW: Sharon Salzberg

Renowned Buddhist meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg’s first book on meditation was Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness, which she penned in 1995. Since then, she ha…

How to Avoid Place Blindness

Place blindness is a form of apathy that sets in when we don’t spend enough time outdoors. Overcome place blindness “to feel alive, to feel good.”



5 Best Crystals for Focus

Can’t concentrate? Wear, carry, or display fluorite and other crystals for focus.

Find the Right Tea to Soothe Body and Soul

Find the right tea to soothe yourself, body and soul.

5 Reasons You’re Not Sleeping

If you are struggling to get a good night’s rest, you may want to address these common sleep disruptors.

6 Ways Improving One Nerve Can Change Your Health

While no one will argue the importance of building strong muscle tone, what might be more important to your health is the tone of a surprisingly complex nerve bundle that stretches…

Have You Tried Mimicked Fasting?

Mindful mimicked fasting combines a novel formula of nutrients with deep spiritual connection.

Creatively Facing Fear

Make fear your ally for the creative process

Care of the Soul: Your Highest Self

I’m always writing about depth—deep feelings, deep thoughts, deep relationships. But I know too well that when you focus too much on one quality, its opposite begins to stir, compl…

Reading as a Spiritual Exercise

Reading isn’t just about gaining new knowledge or relaxing. It can be a spiritual practice in its own right.

Classical Musician Serenades the Chakras

Musician Miriam Jameson shares the story that inspired her new album.

Do Healing Frequencies Work?

There is growing interest in using sound for various ailments and to boost human health. Do healing frequencies work? Research suggests they do.

Invoking the Mystical Phoenix

The phoenix appears throughout the world as a symbol of rebirth and resilience. How can you invoke the power of the mystical phoenix in your daily life?

Meditation Apps: Do They Work for Us or Against Us?

"Meditation takes practice, and in the beginning, like any new skill, meditation can seem challenging."

10 Ways to Use a Library for Creative Inspiration

Relax, rejuvenate, and nurture your imagination between the shelves.

Just Be: How Doing Nothing Sparks Creativity

“In terms of achievement, relaxing and ‘doing nothing’ can be extremely beneficial for nurturing creativity.”

The Wisdom of Trees

Discover the wisdom of the trees with a grounding tree meditation script and audio.

Examen Practice: Following the Thread

An examen practice can assist in finding and interpreting the thread of spirituality that is always in your life.

Ritual Science

A new field of research explores how diverse spiritual practices use the same scents, sounds, and movements to tap into our deepest selves.

How to Soak in Divine Brine

Why? Because we’re always pickling in something…

Intuition and Spirituality

When it comes to trusting your intuition, spirituality can help you differentiate between genuine intuition and a bout of paranoia.

Iwígara: Embracing the Spirituality of Plants

Thinking of botanical entities as relatives, what might we learn from connecting to our earth-tethered kin?

Stop Self Criticizing, Start Meditating

According to the experts, meditation lessens the extremities of negative thoughts, changes patterns of belief and facilitates learning how to forgive yourself.

Are You Blocked? Take This Chakra Quiz to Find Out

Answer eight chakra quiz questions to determine where there’s imbalance in your system and how you can realign.

Wild Lovingkindness: Creating Mettā Connections

“That's so meta.” ... From self-reflective to the Buddhist mettā (cultivating benevolence), “we can practice wild lovingkindness to extend beyond one being, beyond humanity.” Here, 5 mettā moment starters, plus a practice for reflecting on your wild connections.

Breath as Prayer

Many forms of prayer take the same amount of time to complete. This time—especially with 5.5-second breathing—has powerful physiological benefits.

The Usefulness of Quieting the Mind

In large corporate environments and intimate retreat settings, meditation mentor Mirabai Bush shares the usefulness of quieting the mind and the benefits it brings to daily life.

What Is Color Meditation?

Discover how the creator of The Color Meditation Deck used color meditation to change her perspective, and how you can, too.

Astrology Studies: An Introduction to Elemental Wisdom

Answer four quick questions to identify which of the classical elements are healthy or weak within you.

Benefits of Catnip … For Humans Too!

Repel mosquitos, chill out, and get a good night’s sleep with catnip.

Lana Dalberg: The Divine Feminine

A writer, activist, and lay theologian, Lana Dalberg is the author of Birthing God: Women’s Experiences of the Divine. She spoke with Rabbi Rami Shapiro about how the language of a…

Father’s Final Words Not the Last Word

Psychotherapist Kevin Anderson offers advice to S&H readers. “As professionally prepared as you were for your father’s dying process, there are no credentials or letters after our names that can fully prepare us for losing a loved one.”

Is Your Mantra Organic?

20 things you’ll want to know about classic meditation mantras.

Rabbi Rami: "I Find Myself Wishing My Dad Would Die?"

Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler

7 New Ways to Get Closer to Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Ask questions, read each other’s dreams, make chakra soups, and more.

Reclaim Rest: A Rest-Guided Meditation to Help You Connect to Calm Instantly

Reclaim rest with a rest guided meditation that will take you on a journey of self-exploration.

Four Mentors and the Spiritual Quest

You are on a spiritual quest ... and you may meet four archetypal mentors, including the professor and the guru.

If You Feel Like a Weird Yoga Alien…

Joining or starting a “sangha” can support your personal growth.

7 Meditation Techniques to Support You Through Grief

Feeling overwhelmed by the depths of loss? One of these meditation techniques (and 10-minute guided meditation) may prove supportive.

Our Top 10 Apps for Health & Wellness

Pull out your smartphone and get ready to download these healthy tools.

Rabbi Rami: How Do I Keep My New Year’s Resolutions?

Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler

Why I’m a Student of Thich Nhat Hanh

“I know of no spiritual teacher or person who more fully embodies peace and compassionate understanding than Thich Nhat Hanh, or Thay, as he is lovingly known by his students.”

Tuning In to the Wisdom of Winter

Winter marks another completion around the sun—a perfect occasion to contemplate what’s most important to us.

Reconnecting and Recommitting to Mother Earth

The courage and strength to take a stand for our planet can be found through reconnecting with the energy and ease of Mother Earth.

Be Happy the Greco-Roman Way

You can thank the ancients for everything from democracy to libraries, the alphabet to zoology. What do they say about happiness?

The Gift of a Head Covering in Kundalini Yoga

1. Khalsa, Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji,

2. The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, July 7, 1989

The Week I Burned My Ego

A life-changing adventure on what’s called Path of Love

11 Ways to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland for Wellbeing

When you decalcify the pineal gland—known as the third-eye chakra—you remove calcium phosphate deposits. This can lead not only to better health and wellbeing but to higher consciousness.

The Joys of Decoupling

A weeklong retreat beyond words and even snuggling.

Stories That Connect

“We are united in the emotions that drive us into the beliefs that divide us.”

Rabbi Rami: As a fundamentalist Christian, am I safe from Muslims?

Question: I consider myself a fundamentalist Christian, and I fear Muslims coming to America. Is Islam compatible with American values?Rabbi Rami: If by “Islam” you mean fundamenta…

The Way of Gratitude: A Minister’s View on Connection

The Way of Gratitude author and prominent Unitarian Universalist minister Galen Guengerich dives deep on faith, belonging, morality, and, of course, gratitude.

This Printer May Not Exist: From Believing to Knowing

Does God exist? There are other questions that are even more important, such as “How can I live as a light in a world struggling with darkness?”

"Samsara": A Cinematic Meditation

Two decades after rewriting the language of documentary filmmaking in the groundbreaking Baraka, director Ron Fricke and writer-producer Mark Magidson are adding the next chapter w…

The Process of a Miracle Cure

Until my cancer diagnosis, I’d never been ill. I was terrified and nothing was helping me conquer the fear. Initially, I felt a traumatic paralysis, the fast-breathing, huddled fea…

When a Tension Gets Attention

Flummoxed by self-esteem issues? Give up on self-esteem and move to Self-awareness.

5 Ways to Practice Body Neutrality as You Age

Let go of the pressure to love your body. As you age, body neutrality helps you see your body as a resource whose value is constant.

Women’s Meditation

There’s no reason meditating has to be painful, says staff writer JULIE PETERS. As long as you are in your own thoughts and feelings, meditation can happen anywhere.

Finding Refuge Sara Novak

A 5-week, $500 vacation from anxiety.

Parasympathetic Stimulation: How to Improve Your Vagal Tone

Cold therapy, vocalization, and socializing are just three of six ways to improve vagal tone and reduce stress.

Your Spiritual Growth Is a Risk to Other Peoples’ Lives

When we walk the path of personal transformation, our actions are no longer only for ourselves. They affect the world.

6 Life-Changing Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Which stage of spiritual awakening are you in?


From medical appointments to yoga classes, the world has gone virtual—and it’s working. Brandi-Ann Uyemura digs into the future of care.

How to Identify and Work With Your Power Animal

Supporter power animals offer potent energetic medicine, wisdom, and teachings. Your core power animal is with you every day for your entire lifetime.

Yoga and Mental Health

Yoga and mental health are inextricably intertwined. Yoga helps promote mindfulness, healing from trauma, and boosts creativity.

The Good Noise: Sound Medicine Works

While researchers are still exploring the mechanism of sound medicine, studies show that sound therapy boosts spiritual wellbeing and reduces anxiety and pain.

New Home, Old Traditions

Kate Madden Yee describes her spiritual journey, which took her back to a home that is both new and familiar.

A Sound Bath: Ways to Use Sound and Music to Promote Wellbeing

“Sound and music can quickly alter your mood, affecting your subconscious mind. Listening to music is a relatively inexpensive, easily accessible solution to elevate your awareness and your emotional states.”

Gangaji, the Mind Stopper

An interview with author and teacher Gangaji.

Anxiety Toolkit: Naming Your Anxiety and Sending It a Message

Wrapping your arms around anxiety is about speaking directly and compassionately to your anxiety.

Trauma Shake

Mind-body medicine pioneer Dr. James S. Gordon shares a technique to shake loose trauma from the body.

Find Your Path

Interspiritual wisdom to help you find your spiritual style, choose the grand questions that call you, and create your personal practice.

Gift of Crisis

The Gift of Crisis: How I Used Meditation to Go From Financial Failure to a Life of Purpose is the story of Bridgitte Jackson's journey from shame and fear towards a life she loves.

Deb Dana on Anchoring Your Nervous System With Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal Theory expert Deb Dana explores anchoring into your nervous system and connecting to your body’s neural pathways for calmness, safety, and connection.

A Practice to Heal Prejudice

How loving-kindness meditation taps the roots of empathy

How Meditation and Magick Saved My Life on Death Row and After I Was Finally Set Free

Excerpted from HIGH MAGICK: A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row

Just Say Yes

Dr. Ron Alexander sat listening to the record company executives and staff he’d been hired to help. They’d sought him out as a mindfulness expert and corporate consultant to help t…

9 Keys to Lasting Happiness

According to the ancient philosophy of the Vedanta, there are two types of happiness. The first comes from things turning out the way we’d like them to, i.e. getting what we want. …

Creating Your Dharma Vision Through Contemplation

Adapted excerpt from Awake at the Bedside

A Brain Surgeon’s Guide to Horse Sense

Tapping into the wisdom of “prey” species.

Eckhart Tolle: The Easier Path

The renowned spiritual teacher on getting stuck in the future and saving the planet.

Emotional Hygiene

An Interview with Daniel Goleman

The Camino Vibe

Can’t head to Europe for the Camino De Santiago? You can craft a small pilgrimage close to home.

Spiritual Leadership

Consider two recent images: One image is of our president, tautly engaged and oddly displaced, as he watches half a world away while his orders to kill Osama Bin Laden are carried …

Being There for the Passing of a Loved One

Visualize a peaceful letting go for your loved one.

Wake up from Unworthiness

An Interview with Tara Brach

How to Embody Kindness

Willa Blythe Baker sits down to discuss her somatic mindfulness journey.

Four Legal Entheogens for the Spiritual Explorer

Throughout human history, spiritual seekers have used sacred plants and fungi for healing, visionary encounters, and mystical experience. Though this history has been largely obfus…