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Audio Meditation: Gratitude

A short meditation to instantly bring love and compassion to yourself so that you can bring love and gratitude to the world.

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Audio Meditation: A Pleasure Practice

A guided meditation for tasting a little sweetness.

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Audio Meditation: Relax into Your Breath

This meditation is ideal if you need a pause from your day to slow down and calm down, and you may wish to put it on as you are lying in bed at night preparing to sleep.

Audio Meditation: Listening with the Body

In this guided meditation, follow prompts to inquire into your body's truth.

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Audio Meditation: In the Flow of Discomfort

This audio meditation is for those times when there’s discomfort in the body, whether emotional or physical, that doesn’t easily go away.

Audio Meditation for Connecting to the Heart

The heart holds our love, connection, joy, and forgiveness. It can also hold grief and anxiety. Sometimes what the heart feels is very different from what the mind thinks it wants.…

Guided Audio Meditation: Root Yourself in Nature

Connect to the peace of our planet in 10 minutes with a guided outdoor mindfulness meditation.

Hello Sensation: An Audio Meditation for Befriending Your Body

This meditation is a practice of honoring and acknowledging the range of complex sensations and emotions that may be present at any given moment.

New Moon Meditation: Pause the Breath, Pause the Mind

Try this audio meditation for slowing down the mind.

Moon Practice: Ritual for a Spring Full Moon

On the full moon, create a ritual that has meaning for you.

Meditation for Letting Go With the Waning Moon

An audio meditation for letting go and moving on.

Meditation for Sweet Dreams: The Private Beach

An audio meditation for sweet dreams.

Guided Meditation: Alignment into Being

An audio meditation for chakra alignment.

Full Moon Meditation for Letting Go and Letting In

An audio meditation for the full moon.

Guided Meditation: Fire and Air to Direct Action and Love

An audio meditation for your solar plexus.

Meditation for Heartache or Emotional Pain

An audio meditation for times of emotional pain.

Meditation Medication Part 2: Cooling Meditation for Anger, Irritation, or Inflammation

An audio meditation to calm emotional and physical inflammation.

Guided Meditation for (Good) Gut Decisions

An audio meditation to tune into how you feel.

Guided Meditation: Space to Center Mental and Emotional Bodies

An audio meditation for your 5th and 6th chakras.

Medication Meditation Part 3: Energizing for Lethargy, Sluggishness, or Emotional Blockage

Get a boost of energy with this Ayurveda inspired audio meditation.

Meditation for Listening to Your Many Selves

An audio meditation to open our understanding of our different voices.

Mountain Wisdom Part I: Earth Connection/Center of Insight

The first in a 3-part audio meditation Mountain Wisdom series.

Meditating With Your Anger

An audio meditation to engage with our anger and compassion without shame.

From Holidaze to Holydays: A 7-minute Reset

An audio meditation to help reset from your worst self to your best self.

Simple Anytime, Anywhere Mindfulness Meditation

An audio meditation you can use anytime to reduce stress and lift your mood.

The Wisdom of Trees

Discover the wisdom of the trees with a grounding tree meditation script and audio.

Meditation for Feeling your Feelings

For this meditation, you choose an emotion—something that’s present for you and easy to access in your body.

An Energy Practice for Debilitating Emotions

A protocol to use to evolve your energy through intention and attention, and an audio meditation to help guide you.

Episode 2: Damien Echols

Rabbi Rami Shapiro and guest Damien Echols discuss meditation, energy work, and magick. You can read the S&H story "Spellbound" about Damien here. Editor's note: The audio quality…

How to Use Guided Meditations

Guided meditation can be used to promote better sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and even to relieve chronic pain.

Is Meditation Teacher Training Right for Me?

With interest in spirituality surging, the need for qualified meditation teachers has grown. Is meditation teacher training right for you?

10 Ways to Make Meditation Practice A No-Brainer

Set yourself up for successful meditation practice.

Episode 4: Allan Lokos

Your host Rabbi Rami Shapiro talks to Allan Lokos about the plane crash that deepened his Buddhist practice. Allan Lokos. is the founder and guiding teacher of the The Community M…

5-Minute Pratyahara Meditation to Focus the Mind and Calm Anxiety

Use this guided meditation to draw the senses closer to connect with the body in the present moment.

re/VIEW: Sharon Salzberg

Renowned Buddhist meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg’s first book on meditation was Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness, which she penned in 1995. Since then, she ha…

Resources for Dealing With Grief

In a time of unprecedented grief, we wanted to share resources to support anyone dealing with grief and the surrounding emotions.

The Value of Mental Pictures

How One Woman Fights PTSD With Guided Imagery

10 Ways to Use a Library for Creative Inspiration

Relax, rejuvenate, and nurture your imagination between the shelves.

This Summer Camp Teaches Stop, Breathe & Think

And it changes the world, one interaction at a time.

Eckhart Tolle's "Music for Inner Stillness"

Music has always been a way to get in touch with emotion, nature, and inner stillness. And who better to choose a compilation of songs to promote relaxed presence than Eckhart Toll…

Refresh Body and Spirit With a Moon Practice

Does your New Year’s Resolution feel like a distant memory? The moon provides a monthly fresh start.

Shhh ... a Silent Retreat Guide

“A silent retreat is a gift to yourself to recalibrate, to connect, to learn about yourself in a beautiful way. In such a way that you can only get when your basic needs are taken care of and you are given the time, space, and instruction to meditate in silence.”

Practicing Mauna

In need of more quiet time? Concerned about noise pollution? Practice mauna.

The End of Your World

Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of EnlightenmentBy AdyashantiSounds True, 2008, $24.95“More and more people are waking up — having real, authentic glimpses of reality,” says…

Meditation on the Mat

Try yoga nidra for deep relaxation and profound healing.

Live as an Everyday Mystic

How are you participating in co-creating paradigm shifts in your personal and professional lives as we usher in this new era?

Invoking the Mystical Phoenix

The phoenix appears throughout the world as a symbol of rebirth and resilience. How can you invoke the power of the mystical phoenix in your daily life?

Meditation for Letting Go of a Relationship or Friend

All relationships are divine assignments. A meditation for letting go emphasizes the growth in growing apart.

A Yoga Nidra Meditation Through the Koshas

Dive more deeply into your subtle body with a yoga nidra practice for the koshas.

7 Ways to Sharpen Your Intuition

Intuition can become mute, stifled, or drowned out when we find ourselves out of balance. Here are some ways to help you get grounded so that you can reconnect with that inner voice.

A Simple Path to Peace Meditation

Download the audio file now! Create a space around you: Sit on a meditation cushion or in a comfy chair, light a candle, or just turn off your cell phone. If you can't “set the …

Clink, Rustle, Clack, Swoosh: The Basics and Benefits of ASMR

ASMR calms and engages with materials that clink, rustle, clack, swoosh, brush, smoosh, and slurp.

Have You Tried Mimicked Fasting?

Mindful mimicked fasting combines a novel formula of nutrients with deep spiritual connection.

The Tao of Chronic Pain

Suffering is Optional. Here’s how to find the teacher inside.

Gut Health


Logging Into Online Wellness

Learning can improve our quality of life—and the effect is twofold for courses on wellness and self-betterment.

Instructions for happiness and success: savvy self-help for independent types

As the US economy teeters on the brink of collapse and our global standing is rockier than ever, we’re also slipping behind in another arena: American authors are being overtake…

5 Ways to Practice Grounding for Spiritual Renewal

“Thirty minutes spent grounded and expressing yourself through visual arts is 30 minutes of fresh, pure creative energy flowing through your body and infusing your cells—to flush old energy out and wash in new life, giving energy on a spiritual level! … A renewal of spirit.”

The Good Noise: Sound Medicine Works

While researchers are still exploring the mechanism of sound medicine, studies show that sound therapy boosts spiritual wellbeing and reduces anxiety and pain.

3 Nature-Based Practices for Battling Zoom Fatigue

How greening your space, petting your animal bestie, and taking a break to walk can fight Zoom fatigue and improve your work-from-home routine.

Giving Experiences: 15+ Experiential Gifts for Loved Ones

Giving and receiving gifts can be a true joy. But accumulating more things can feel like a burden.

When You Don’t Trust Your Body’s Response to Chronic Pain

Is your body proving to be an untrustworthy narrator of your chronic pain or illness? Listening closely to your body means it always has your back.

The Self-Compassion Break

In partnership with Emerging Women, here is a sample of their guided “Power Practices” from Kristin Neff. You can listen to the audio version of this Power Practice on Emerging Wom…

Dendrolatry and the Spiritual Meaning of “Treeness”

Should we worship something that isn’t perfect or can harm us, or are we missing the point of dendrolatry altogether?

Create a Healing Circle

Become an “energetic activist” by joining with others to create a collective healing circle in difficult times.

From Chronos to Kairos Time

Having trouble being here now? Maybe you’re trying to tell the wrong kind of time.

How Do You Mother Your Mother?

How the divine feminine, car washes, snarky t-shirts, and senior care advisers can help when a parent requires your care.

A Playlist For Nervous Cats

Parent to a nervous cat? Body-Mind-Spirit connection isn't just for the humans—help your cat cultivate its inner peace through music.

Yin Yoga for Inviting and Accepting Discomfort

Comfort and safety can only take you so far. Go deeper with yin yoga.

5 Ways to Manage Anxiety Using Dance/Movement

Moving can dislodge anxiety from the body. Discover moment practices for anxiety.

Leave Society With Tao Lin

American novelist, poet, and artist, Tao Lin, explores nuclear radiation, religion, change and recovery, Çatalhöyük, Daoism, and more in his autobiographical novel, Leave Society.

4 Exercises to Build Trust and Confidence in Your Intuition

Whether you lean clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or claircognizant, you can strengthen your relationship with your intuition.

Face to the Floor: How a Buddhist American woman opened her heart to Islam

Omar stood on my doorstep, smiling and peering at me through square, outdated glasses. He placed his hand over his heart in a traditional Muslim greeting and stepped inside. His d…

The Soundtrack of Healing

Outside the main entrance to the 80-acre campus of Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Colorado, the air is filled with the sweet serenade of chirping bobwhites and…

The Empowered Empath

3 steps to get you healthy, grounded, and empowered to create a compassion revolution and save the world.