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A marijuana leaf and CBD oil and capsules
CBD Buying Tips: What to Consider if You're in the Market

With so many CBD products on the market, knowing what to look for can feel overwhelming. S&H spoke with Christina Sasser, the CEO, founder, and chief product officer at Portland-ba…

CBD oil
Explore CBD

In our special section we explore CBD from a variety of angles. Dive in to get up to speed on this huge trend.

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CBD leaves and molecular structure
4 Ways to Use CBD

Your guide to choosing the right CBD options for you.

The Future of CBD

The hugely popular cure-all isn't going anywhere, but what happens next?

CBD Oil for Insomnia

Can CBD oil help you get some much-needed sleep?

CBD In the Beauty Aisle

Putting CBD into makeup and skincare seems like a natural next step for this newly popular ingredient. But it’s not quite that simple. Brandi-Ann Uyemura investigates.

CBD for Migraines

Can this trendy ingredient work to relieve headache pain? Let’s find out.

CBD for Anxiety

How can CBD help you with anxiety, and is it safe?

CBD for Joint Pain

Can CBD help with joint pain? Research suggests it can.

Support a Healthy Gut With CBD

CBD can help ease the pain and trouble that comes with an inflamed gut, whether it’s IBS, leaky gut, or some other problem.

Quarantine Comfort With CBD

Discover how CBD can help you through the pandemic.

How Much CBD is Enough for Me?

Intrigued about the topical use of CBD for pain relief, anti-inflammatory purposes, and anti-anxiety? Read on to learn more.

Here’s Why CBD-Infused Face Serum Is 2019’s Most Exciting Beauty Trend

If you haven’t heard of CBD yet, get ready for it to be one of the biggest health and wellness trends of 2019.

CBD and CBN for Sleep

Industry experts recommend combinations of cannabis products for better Z’s, including CBN for sleep.

Healing Yourself With DIY CBD Topicals

“Making my own CBD cream from seed to salve empowers me. I know I am making a product with my own hands that has therapeutic benefits.”

7 Ways to Deal With Micro-Stress

Stress, it turns out, is a lot like snow. Here’s how to dig out.

CB ... X?

CBD is widely available, but it’s hardly the only cannabinoid. Melissa Howsam explores what’s next.

Got Gut Problems?

IBS? Leaky gut? CBD products can help with many digestive ailments.

Dr. Dani Gordon

Dr. Dani Gordon, CBD, Cannabis Medicine, Integrative Medicine Specialist, and author of The CBD Bible: Cannabis and the Wellness Revolution that Will Change Your Life.

Kat Merryfield

Kat Merryfield is the founder and CEO of Kat’s Naturals, a Tennessee-based CBD company that uses American grown organic hemp to develop a range of products, including CBD topicals,…

The Benefits of CBN Oil

Current studies suggest that CBN has multiple therapeutic properties.

Toolbox: Creating Calm

In our fast-paced and turbulent world, it can be difficult to find space for peace, both emotionally and physically. These tools, designed to create calm in the mind, body, and environment, will help to remind you to make you a priority.

7 Wellness Trends for 2021

Frog venom, really? Well, here are some of the health and wellness trends that should be on your radar for 2021.

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