Film Review: Needle in a Timestack

JOHN RIDLEY’S Needle in a Timestack is a convoluted, unconvincing romantic sci-fi drama, but it does raise some fascinating questions. The film follows Nick (Leslie Odom, Jr.), an …
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Book Review: Anchored

THE NERVOUS SYSTEM has a playbook for handling threats. When we are dysregulated, disconnected, or healing from trauma, our usual playbook becomes unreliable. We freeze and capitul…
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Music Review: Music for Film & Theatre

HANIA RANI IS A bright emerging artist whose piano-based compositions are emotional and energized, drawing on a diversity of genres including classical, jazz, ambient, and electron…
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Music Review: The Jungle Sessions

THE JUNGLE SESSIONS is the third album in a trilogy from sacred singer/guitarist Miten, following Temple at Midnight (2016) and Devotee (2019). These compassionate songs celebrate …
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Film Review: The Loneliest Whale

FOR MANY YEARS, the so-called “52-hertz whale” has been one of the more mysterious and captivating beasts in creation. So called because the sounds it emits are at a frequency diff…
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No Bad Parts Richard Schwartz

Book Review: No Bad Parts

Have you ever wanted to break out of destructive behavioral patterns? Are there parts of yourself you find hard to love? If so, this book is for you. Richard C. Schwartz arg…
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Leave Society Tao Lin

Book Review: Leave Society

Leave Society is, to borrow its protagonist’s phrase, the record of a “life explored with leisurely meticulousness.” The book begins in 2014 and chronicles a novelist named Li’s l…
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Finding Refuge Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Book Review: Finding Refuge

Synthesizing her work as a social justice activist, anti-racism trainer, and yoga teacher, Michelle Cassandra Johnson’s latest book explicitly sets out to empower readers to prio…
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