Poster for Meat the Future directed by Liz Marshall

Film Review: Meat the Future

“Lab-grown meat” may not sound particularly appetizing, but Meat the Future, directed by Liz Marshall and narrated by the legendary Jane Goodall, seeks to help us understand the vi…
Poster for Flint: Who Can You Trust? by director Anthony Baxter

Film Review: Flint

The people of Flint have had to endure the tortures of the damned for nearly a decade. First, in 2014, in response to an economic crisis, the state of Michigan forced them to sourc…
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Poster for Bad Axe directed by David Siev

Film Review: Bad Axe

2020 wasn’t a great year for Asian-Americans in the hospitality trade. Forced to adapt their businesses to ever-changing pandemic rules, restaurateurs struggled to keep their heads…
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Kevin MacLeod playing music, a still from the movie Royalty Free by director Ryan Camarda

Film Review: Royalty Free

Kevin MacLeod is a composer with more IMDB credits than John Williams, Ennio Morricone, and Jerry Goldsmith combined. You may not have heard his name but you’ve almost certainly he…
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Book Review: Ritual as Remedy

What does it feel like to be a body on this earth, a mind processing this life, and a spiritual being stuck somewhere in the disorienting middle? Ritual as Remedy prods us to refle…
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Book Review: Dream Guidance

Cultivating a practice of not just recalling but recording and understanding dreams is at the heart of dream incubation. With Machiel Klerk’s cheerful Dream Guidance, readers learn…
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Film Review: Midwives

Despite the title, Burmese director Snow Hnin Ei Hlaing’s riveting documentary isn’t really about childbirth. Except, perhaps, for its opening scene, which shows us intimate footag…

Music Review: Life on Earth

Life on Earth is the eighth studio album from Alynda Segarra and their band Hurray for the Riff Raff. Minimal electronic synth-rock is the raft these songs ride upon, with lyrics t…
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Music Review: Satchel of Songs

Diane Patterson’s sixth studio album, Satchel of Songs, was released on International Women’s Day (March 8). Patterson told S&H, “I see International Women’s Day as part of the sac…
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