the grieving brain by o'connor

Book Review: The Grieving Brain

WHEN WE’RE GRIEVING, it can be hard to make it through the day, much less appreciate the sophisticated tasks our brain is performing as we mourn. But understanding that grieving is…
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Book Review: Root & Ritual

PROFOUND RECONNECTION to the earth, ourselves, our community, our bodies—everything besides our screens and our ids—is overdue. But where do we begin? Root & Ritual by Becca Piastr…
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Music Review: Gone Beyond

DONNA DE LORY’S new album, Gone Beyond, offers the fruits of the singer’s daily practice of improvising vocals combined with her love of sacred Buddhist and Hindu mantras. De Lory …
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Music Review: SUBA

OMAR SOSA AND SECKOU KEITA’S new album, SUBA, is a peaceful blend of rhythms and melodies from Cuba, Africa, and South America. Venezuelan percussionist Gustavo Ovalles adds vital …
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Film Review: Needle in a Timestack

JOHN RIDLEY’S Needle in a Timestack is a convoluted, unconvincing romantic sci-fi drama, but it does raise some fascinating questions. The film follows Nick (Leslie Odom, Jr.), an …
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