Podcast: Spirituality in the Time of Coronavirus, Part 1

In this special four-part series, Rabbi Rami gives counsel on how to stay healthy from social, psychological, and spiritual perspectives during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here is some of what he suggests for lowering fear levels during this stressful time.

  1. Stay informed. (Here is more on how to engage with the news mindfully.)
  2. Go outside. Take a walk, or a bike ride, and wave to people. Social distancing can lead to social isolation.
  3. Read. Make a point of getting through that stack of tomes you have been meaning to get through--or enjoy them as audiobooks. (Or hey, write a book! Maybe you have been meaning to sit down and do that, too.)
  4. Watch classic films.

For more resources on how to stay sane and well during COVID-19, visit our special section we have created for you.