The Consciousness of the Brain with Mariano Sigman

Host Rabbi Rami talks with neuroscientist Mariano Sigman.

Host Rabbi Rami talks with neuroscientist Mariano Sigman about the incredible abilities of the brain, how we perceive consciousness, and the notion of free will. A review of his book The Secret Life of the Brain: How Your Brain, Feels, and Decides appears in the July/August issue of Spirituality & Health magazine.

Mariano Sigman, PhD, a physicist by training, is a leading international figure in the cognitive neuroscience and the study of learning and decision making. He is the founder of the Integrative Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Buenos Aires and a director of the Human Brain Project. His awards include a Human Frontier Career Development Award, the Young Investigator Prize from the Collège de France, and the IBM Scalable Data Analytics Award.