Podcast: Rev. Ryan Althaus, From Emaciated to Emancipated

Podcast: Rev. Ryan Althaus, From Emaciated to Emancipated

What is the power of laughter in religion, and how can we find the beauty in spiritual not-knowing? Rev. Ryan Althaus explains.

Rev. Ryan “Mango” Althaus is the Minister of Interfaith Relations for the UUA of Santa Cruz and Regional Inclusion Affiliate for the National Presbyterian Church USA. Ryan dove into the field of mental health following an eating disorder relapse which landed this one-time professional marathon runner and certified Psych Chaplain in an in-patient psych unit.

You can learn more about his journey to reclaim his faith, life, and laugh in his recently released memoir From Emaciated to Emancipated, and find his podcast, blog, past sermons archive, and coaching practice by visiting

“When you feel empty, you feel apart. It’s kind of the ego speaking out…Whereas laughter is what happens in between people. It’s a welcoming into community; it’s an opportunity to step out of yourself. Laughter really opens up that door to start exposing your emptiness.”

In this episode, Ryan Althaus and Rabbi Rami talk about battling eating disorders, re-finding laughter, and finding community through vulnerability.

Read Rev. Ryan Althaus' essay, "Spiritual Starvation: The Religious Roots of Eating Disorders," here.

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