2016 November/December

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Make Your Story a Gift

To come to know and to make sense of and to share our stories is not an act of selfishness, but an act of growth, healing, and ultimately, generosity. But what is a writer to do with a violent story she cannot narrate—when it’s her own?

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Inner + Outer Worlds

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Music Review: Immortelle

ImmortelleDeuterNew Earth RecordsFor critics of the New Age genre that Deuter helped pioneer, the notion of an album whose songs are named after various medicinal plants and flower…
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Music Review: Temple at Midnight

Temple at MidnightMitenPrabhu MusicTemple at Midnight is the new solo album from Miten and this intimate, acoustic set of 11 songs reflects the fantastic journey he’s had as a musi…
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Book Review: Mind

MindA Journey to the Heart of Being HumanBy Daniel J. Siegel, MDW.W. Norton & CompanyYou’ve probably said something like, “I have a lot on my mind,” or, “He’s out of his mind!”…
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