2014 November/December

Becoming Sacred





Inner + Outer Worlds


Film Review: Pelican Dreams

Pelican DreamsDirected by Judy IrvingIn 2005, in The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, filmmaker Judy Irving detailed the odd relationship between a group of feral parrots and an une…
Tags: Films Animals Environment

Film Review: Faith Connections

Faith ConnectionsDirected by Pan NalinThe Hindu pilgrimage and ritual of the Kumbh Mela is the largest human gathering in the world, bringing together around 100 million people to …
Tags: Films India Pilgrimage

Music Review: Saraswati Dreams

Saraswati DreamsJaya Lakshmi & AnandaSounds TrueAfter fusing kirtan music with electronica on 2013’s Kirtronica, former Lost At Last singer Jaya Lakshmi and her partner Ananda …
Tags: Music Reviews

Music Review: Incantations

IncantationsSheela Bringi Black SwanSoulful music has probably always blossomed from an array of musical styles and sounds across planet Earth, carrying within it a diversity …
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Book Review: Home in Harmony

Home in HarmonyDesigning an Inspired LifeBy Christa O’LearyHay House, Inc.Habits determine a large chunk of our everyday activity. And becoming conscious of our habits, both the go…
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