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Guided Meditation for Sweet Dreams: Across a Flowing River

In this meditation intended to help you drift off to a good night’s sleep, you’ll visit a beautiful landscape across a flowing river. A sense of calm, safety, and wellbeing infuses this place, creating the space for you to feel the deepest desires of your heart and speak your wishes into the flowing water.

Guided Meditation for Sweet Dreams: The Forest Grove

In this guided meditation, drift away into a beautiful, comforting imaginary forest grove full of old growth trees with deep roots and healing messages. As you listen to this meditation before you go to sleep, you will help prepare your body for a deeper, more refreshing sleep. If you drift off while the meditation is still playing, your subconscious will pick up on messages of relaxation, grounding, and ease that you may keep with you as you sleep, dream, and perhaps even when you wake up to a brighter, more well-rested next morning.

Guided Meditation for Sweet Dreams: The Wildflower Field

In this meditation, we will aim towards sweet dreams and a restful sleep with an imaginative experience in a wildflower field. Enjoy the plants, trees, and flowers of your imagination under a calming, wide blue sky. The gently hypnotic story may have healing, calming effects on your nervous system and subconscious as you drift towards sleep.

Guided Meditation for Sweet Dreams: The Private Beach

In this meditation, we’ll take a little imaginary trip to a calm, quiet, private beach. This sweet healing meditation will give us a chance to be alone in our minds and receive the relaxing calm of a beautiful self-created ocean view with a sunset. Take a little mental vacation for a few minutes during your day or to help you get to sleep and have sweet dreams at night.