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Guided Meditation for Stress Relief: Breathing With the Pelvic Floor

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Yoga and mindfulness can be tools to living a richer, more meaningful life. Explore with Julie...

A guided meditation to release tension.

Your pelvic floor is a net of muscles that surround your genitals and support your pelvic organs, your lower back, and your hips. Dysfunction in this area is very common for everyone, especially for women, and sometimes indicates a disconnect with one’s sexual self. Chronic tension in the pelvic floor area sends a message to the nervous system that we are under stress, which can cause all kinds of other problems in the body. Consciously breathing into this area can help encourage blood flow to the genital area and increase muscular elasticity, benefiting the physical body, the nervous system, and the sexual self. This breath meditation can be done anytime, including right before bed to help relax the system and encourage healthy sleep. 

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