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Bess O’Connor, a certified ayurvedic and holistic health practitioner who explores the heart of health at the core of alternative medicine, massage therapy, conscious movement, nutrition, meditation, and other healing traditions.

Bess O'Connor

How to Achieve Your Goals for the New Year

Plan ahead to get ahead for the new year.

10 Nighttime Routines for Peaceful Sleep

“How can you possibly start your day off bright-eyed and bushy-tailed if you don…

There’s No Excuse Not to Compost, Here’s How

Start composting! Here’s how.Try a compost pileLayer your vegetation and carbon …

7 Stories for Mastering Your Emotions

The emotional body is widely overlooked for overall health and happiness. Explore these 7 stories on how to understand, cope with and use your emotions appropriately.

Golden Mylk Recipe for Inflammation and Digestion

Enjoy this ancient recipe for boosting digestion and decreasing inflammation.

10 Affirmations for Staying Centered

To stay centered, try asking yourself these questions…then recite the 10 affirmations listed. Read them here.

My Practice: Child Painting Prodigy Explains how She Channels Paintings

Akiane grew up in a non-religious household, but by the age of four started havi…

Brain Health: 4 Stories on How to Nourish and Exercise the Brain

Take a look at these 4 stories for optimal brain health and how to provide nouri…

4 Meditations to Tap Into Your Intuition

Here are 4 meditations on how to enhance your intuition and clairvoyance.

3 Traditional Chinese Medicine Recommended Superfoods

Learn more about these under-the-radar Eastern superfoods.

7 Sacred Resins to Burn for Clearing Negative Energy

Move beyond sage. These seven sacred resins, including myrrh and benzoin, clear …

15 Affirmations for Practicing Acceptance and Tolerance

Acceptance and tolerance leads to inner and outer peace. Let’s make it our business to practice a little more acceptance for the holidays and for the new year.

5 Recipes to Inspire Healthy Cooking

We all have our favorite food, but what if those foods are not the healthiest options? Here are some great recipes of some favorite dishes that will having you thanking your lucky stars you found.

Is There Such Thing As Enlightenment?

Byron Katie believes there’s no such thing as enlightenment. Find out what we can do to truly evolve.

The Beautiful Superfood: Pearl

Did you know you can eat pearls for their various health benefits including skin and bone health, as well as cell renewal?

Easy Acupressure for Relieving a Cough

There are so many great studies on the proven effects of acupuncture. What you m…

79 Quotes On Inner and Outer Peace

Great quotes to inspire you to become more compassionate, loving, accepting and …

Super Spice Spotlight: 7 Benefits of Using Asafoetida or “Hing”

Asafoetida or “hing” is one of the most overlooked spices in western culture. On…

My Practice: Mindful Walking in Town

In “My Practice,” we share personal routines that create wellness and happiness from spiritual teachers, yogis, nutritionists, and more, in hopes to inspire your own healthy rituals.

Artificial Lighting During Sleep Linked to Breast Cancer

We’ve all heard how even the slightest bit of light during sleep can affect our …

Natural Antibiotics That Fight Infection

Sometimes antibiotics are a necessity. However, most prescribed chemical antibio…

42 Forgiveness Affirmations to Lift the Weight Off

Here are some affirmations to help wash away the pain of resentment to a more loving, healthier, fresher, lighter, cleaner and joyful life.

6 Stories on Aging Gracefully

Age is nothing, but a number.

Indian Frankincense Provides Relief for Arthritis

Indian Frankincense, otherwise known as Boswellia Serrata, continually proves a …

14 Gratitude Affirmations That Will Bring You Joy Everyday

Bring joy and positivity to your life with these personal affirmations of gratitude

My Practice: Mas Vidal

See how a renowned instructor and dedicated yogi and ayurvedic practitioner, Mas Vidal, kicks off his day.

8 Things to Do Before Starting a Relationship

“Self-love is the knowing that you were created to be completely loved and compl…

The Power of “Thank You” in a Marriage

Gratitude Key Factor in Successful Marriages

70 Affirmations for Love

Loving your Partner No Matter What

For the Love of Tea

Recipes for the best cup of tea, from chai to natural tea remedies, how to creat…

14 Ways to Effectively Shield Yourself from Toxins in the Environment

The sooner we come to terms with the fact that we are living in a toxic environm…

The Ultimate Qi Gong Exercise: Lifting the Sky

Qi gong is meditation in motion. The slow, intentional, and mindful flowing move…

Ancient Superfood Spotlight: Tigernuts

This tiny root veggie is believed to make up 80% of our paleo ancestors’ diet and was even found in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. It’s slowly making it’s way back into the superfood spotlight.

7 Affirmations for Daily Walking Meditations

Many new studies suggest that mindful walking is good, not only for mental healt…

The Link Between Creativity and Movement

Creativity block? A new study suggests that simply making circular movements improves your creativity.

The Key to Stress-Free Living: The Tapping Solution

Q&A with EFT expert Nick Ortner

Mindfulness Lives In Single-Tasking

Do you pride yourself on being a talented multi-tasker? Well, a new study says t…

5 Stories to Explore Fun and Creative Mindful Movement

Moving mindfully is known to increase wellness and mental health (as it is a form of moving meditation). Make your movements intentional, yet fun and creative with the inspiration from these 5 stories.

Dantian: What "Move from your Center" Actually Means

According to many traditions, the energy center of the body lies in a specific l…

Boost Your Optimism for Less Anxiety

A new study links optimism and less anxiety with an area in the brain called the…

14 Affirmations for Increasing Body Awareness

This incredible body of ours is a cloak for the spirit. Our bodies are a high fo…

8 Stories for Creating a Sacred Space

Create your very own sacred space with feng shui and more with these 8 inspirational stories.

My Practice: A Feng Shui Expert’s Daily Routine for Wellness

Take an honest walk through modern day feng shui expert, Laura Benko’s daily routine.

7 Suggestions for How to Spiritually Connect With Nature

Fallen out of alignment with your natural self? Find out how to spiritually conn…

7 Affirmations to Balance Your Chakras

Here are 7 affirmations to not only affect your body but also your reality.…

How to Remain in Balance With Your Emotions

Blame it on the environment, your work, the stress, your partner, the kids, the …

Everything You Need to Know about Sleep … and How to Get it

Calling all insomniacs! Check out these 7 stories for creative ideas and testimo…

My Practice: Circular Breathing and “Sourcing” Meditation to Receive Daily Blessings

Learn how a renowned intuitive guide and spiritual teacher receives divine energy to fuel her day.

How Spirituality Affects the Physical, Mental and Social Well-being of People Going through Cancer

Spirituality and religiousness play a key role in the health and well-being of cancer patients.

11 Benefits of Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas are one form of hydrotherapy with a variety of health benefits. Hy…

9 Affirmations for Staying Grounded During the Fall Season

A combination of Ayurvedic balancing tips plus these 9 affirmations will help yo…

My Practice: A Daily Ayurvedic Routine

Learn how Vedic master Michelle Fondin walks through her daily routine.

9 Stories for Healing the Body

Explore 9 creative and profound ways to heal the body.

How Meditation Enhances the Senses

I’ve tried closing my eyes and reading braille with my fingertips—it’s not…

7 Useful Apps for Non-GMO, Allergen- and Preservative-free Shopping

With all the confusing ingredient labels on food products today, it can feel ove…

10 Stories to Nurture your Most Important Relationships

During our last 10-day challenge, we explored the topic of nurturing our relatio…

Ayurvedic Oil Pulling: Remedy for a Healthy Smile

Ayurvedic oil pulling is a type of dental care that can whiten teeth, reduce pla…

50 Quotes on Abundance

Abundance is a very popular word right now. Sometimes it almost seems as though …

3 Ways To Improve Your Mitochondrial Function

In almost every single cell in our body (sans our red blood cells) is a mitochon…

September’s Moons: Peaceful Moon and Mega Harvest Blood Moon

A new moon finds its way between the sun and the Earth and when it blocks out th…

Healing Your Body Holistically

Remember having to wait in line at P.E. class in middle school to be checked for…

21 Quotes for Letting Go of the Past

Much has been said about the benefits of letting go of the past. Resentment, for…

Intentional Touch Shows Benefits for the Toucher

We all know the power of touch. Beginning at birth, physical touch is paramount …

16 Affirmations to Enhance Your Problem-Solving Abilities

New research published in PLOS ONE from Carnegie Mellon University reports that …

Garshana: Ayurvedic Dry Skin Brushing

Our skin is the largest organ of detoxification. Garshana or dry skin brushing i…

7 Days to a Healthier You

Free 7-Day Health Meditation Program with Prudence Hall, MD from The Mentors Channel

Lessons from Wayne Dyer

Today we celebrate the life, teachings, and spirit of Wayne Dyer that will live on in eternity.

5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Fermented Foods

Before you turn up your nose at fermented food, just remember this: If you’ve ev…

Ashitaba: The Vegan Blood Builder and Longevity Super Plant

If you’re vegan, you probably hear it all the time, “vegans don’t get enough B12…

Eating Spicy Food May Help you Live Longer

I’ve heard a rumor that you can actually train your body to like spicy foods, ev…

Healing Chronic Back Pain

Once you start to listen to the sensations in your body, it allows for healing t…

The Ultimate De-Stressing Daily Routine

Put this anti-stress routine on your to-do list for a more zen approach to daily…

What You Should Know About Himalayan Sea Salt

Oh how I jumped for joy when I heard the news that there was, in fact, a salt th…

Chaga: The Cancer Healer and King of All Herbs

The Chaga mushroom absorbs and concentrates many valuable enzymes, nutrients, an…

11 Ways to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland for Wellbeing

When you decalcify the pineal gland—known as the third-eye chakra—you remove ca…

11 Ways to Raise Your Vibration With Water

Throughout history, humans have sought physical relief, emotional healing, and e…

Treating Inflammation with Ayurveda

Every choice we make, everything we do, is either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory.

Treating Alzheimer’s With Ayurveda

No matter your dosha, we should all strive to balance Vata.

Treating Depression With Ayurveda

Strengthen your Sadhaka Agni and fight depression with these simple practices.

Candle Gazing and 4 Other Ways to Balance an Overactive Mind

The effects of constantly being “on” can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds. Tr…

7 Ways to Tame Anger With Ayurveda

Anger is really an umbrella term for a multi-layered and complicated emotion. Sa…

Drishti: Ancient Yoga Technique for Balance, Vision, and Focus

Ever heard the saying, "Where your attention goes, energy flows"? This phrase is…