Banish Limiting Beliefs With This Empowering Ritual

Banish Limiting Beliefs With This Empowering Ritual

Ashley River Brant

Trusting yourself is a sacred act of divinity.

Our beliefs are at the very root of our reality. What we believe is what we create and witness in our lives. If we don’t believe in love, we will never find it. If we don’t believe it is possible to be successful in our dream career, we will not align with it. If we don’t believe in our power to heal and connect to Spirit, we will be closed off from receiving from Spirit. If we grow up under a specific structure of beliefs, we may not realize that there is another world outside of those beliefs.

When we boil it down, belief relies on the energy of trust. To form our own beliefs outside of the norm of what we were told or shown on our paths, we must have radical self-trust. To believe in our spiritual evolution and our ability to co-create with the Universe, we must trust in the Universe—in the unknown and the unseen. To believe we can receive love, we must trust love. Trust is the energy that allows us to receive. It allows us to see what is true and moves us into alignment.

Lack of trust typically translates into a feeling of needing to be in full control. When we have a need to be in control, it is difficult to trust in the mysterious power of the Universe and all its magic. When we need to be in control, it can be hard to believe that anyone can help us, keeping love and intimacy with life at a distance. It’s important to believe that we can control the destiny of our lives and call forth our dreams, while also receiving the love, support, and divine assistance to help make our dreams a reality. We are not here to do anything alone. We must trust in the interconnectedness of all. We must trust that Spirit is listening to our intentions. We must trust, with our open hearts, that the Universe is always supporting us and tending to us. We must trust that our souls chose this body, this time, this life for our soul’s evolution. And in order to trust all of the above, we must most of all trust ourselves and trust our desires. If you feel as though you’re losing your grasp on this trust, try this practice.


With the intention of liberation, make a list in your journal of all the limiting beliefs you’ve inherited along your path—any belief that holds you back from living out your wildest, most abundant dreams and loving truth. A limiting belief is any lie you told yourself or were told—any belief that says you are unworthy or not good enough (especially any beliefs that begin with the words “I shouldn’t,” or “I can’t”). These beliefs will be what you return to again and again in your healing ritual practice to see where your mental energy blocks are held. Some examples include:

  • “I believe I am unworthy of love or success, because I wasn’t accepted for who I am by my parents.”
  • “I believe I am not beautiful, because I don’t match the idea of beauty portrayed and celebrated in the media and society.”
  • “I believe I have to do everything on my own, because I couldn’t trust anyone to help me as a child.”
  • “I believe in facts and evidence, because it is the only way my knowledge and opinions will be valued and taken seriously.”
  • “I believe I am not valuable and cannot achieve my dreams, because it has never been done before by a person like me.”

Some emotions may come up for you when journaling out your limiting beliefs. Allow all emotions to flow out of your being and dissolve away.

Next, identify the age in which you inherited these beliefs, from any specific memories that have surfaced. Write out specific memories in which you felt these beliefs form. A personal example: when I was young my mother (jokingly) once told me I wouldn’t get married or find someone to love, which manifested as a strong belief that I would never find love and have a long-term partnership, until I cleared this limiting belief. When we are young we do not consciously understand subtleties of language and tone. We instead understand things in extremes. If someone says “you can’t do that,” we take it to heart—even if they are not being serious—and we place that belief where we carry our wounds.

Visualize that version of yourself and give them the love and support they need to believe in what is true in their hearts—a hug, a healing talk, encouragement, acceptance, and comfort. Maybe they need play to remind them that life is joyful, maybe they just need to sing. Listen to the music that version of you once loved to dance to, eat your favorite food from that age, call up a best friend from that time, revisit your favorite activities, or simply tell yourself the things you needed to hear at that age. Giving versions of yourself that are holding onto old and limiting beliefs the love and support they desire tends to the wounds they still carry.

This is a beautiful ritual practice to free ourselves. I find this practice to be effective anytime something is triggering, a wound resurfaces, or I feel frustrated about something I desire. Repeat this process anytime a limiting belief surfaces that stops you from moving forward on your path or connecting to your essence of sacred love within.

If love and intention are the fuel of ritual, beliefs are the wheel. They dictate where your sacred ship is heading in your practice. Your ritual practice relies on your beliefs being expanded in order to have direction toward the love that is guiding you home. Everything in our reality can change just from this practice alone. We need to free ourselves to believe anything is possible in order to live a life full of love, grace, purpose, and freedom from all that holds us back.

Excerpted from TENDING TO THE SACRED: Rituals to Connect with Earth, Spirit, and Self, by Ashley River Brant. Sounds True, June 2021. Reprinted with permission.

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