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Get Unstuck

Andrea Bijou's painting The Garden Dance

"The Garden Dance," Andrea Bijou

Want to recover creative flow? Adapt a service mentality.

“It is not what we create, but where we create from that matters.” These words plunked down on my head during a time of immense creative frustration. I had lost my Self somewhere along the paved road to professional progress. I had traded in contemplation for constant output, sacrificed my sanity for success, and unconsciously placed a great deal of my self-worth in the slippery hands of social media. Essentially, I was writing to keep up. This is not an unfamiliar experience for many modern creatives. The spiral starts when we begin comparing ourselves to others—feeling a painful sense of lack, questioning our own voice and worthiness. Questioning if we have anything of value to put out into the world. Then questioning if what we do have is good enough. An exhausting and constrictive path. If we aren’t careful, this voice will trick us into staying small. In a global study done by Adobe on creativity, only one in four people believe they are living up to their creative potential. So how can the rest of us move from constriction to a place of creative freedom? How can we begin to live u …

About the Author

Deborah Anne Quibell

Deborah started writing poetry at the age of five. She fell in love with the mystics in her teens, and began a life of insatiable spiritual inquiry. She lives in Rome, Italy with her husband and son, and is constantly searching for the magic and meaning amidst the beautiful mess of modern day life. She is the author of Deep Creativity : Seven Ways to Spark Your Creative Spirit and can often be found with a cappuccino in one hand and a green juice in the other. 

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