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5 Foods to Keep You Cool Inside


Cooling foods help you beat inner inflammation.

If you offer certain foods to people in China or India, you’ll often get this kind of response: “Oh, I can’t eat that, it’s too heating!” This happens even when the food you’re offering is room temperature or even cold, like ice cream. As perplexing as this might sound, what Eastern medical traditions like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have long known is that certain foods cause what we now call inflammation in the system. Inflammation leads to immediate discomforts but is also a root cause for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and dementia.  What foods cause inflammation? Some of the main culprits are “heating” foods like red meat, fried foods, and alcohol. In Japan, for example, rising consumption of cooked red meat has recently been linked to increased inflammation in the prostate and increased incidence of prostate cancer. Alcohol poisons beneficial gut bacteria and unleashes an inflammatory cascade that damages the liver and leads to heart disease and dementia. The good news is that sticking to a cooling/anti-inflammatory diet is associated with feeling better immediately and also lower risks …

About the Author

Amber Bodily

Amber Bodily is a natural health practitioner, a FootZonologist and FootZonology instructor, a contributing health writer for MindBodyGreen and Fulfillment Daily, a master herbologist, and a certified aromatherapist. She is also a triathlete, and the mother of three boys. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she consults with clients in person and remotely. Her website is

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