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Fine Print Commandments I really love Paul Sutherland’s Fine Print Commandments. Those big 10 are delicious treats for the spiritual soul. I have one request: remove the word will from each one and feel the shift in power that happens. A much deeper message and affirmation. The brain interprets will as something that hasn’t arrived, is not in the present and may never get here. As a spiritual professional practitioner, I teach by practicing in this way. — Jerry Lynch, Overall, I think you did an excellent job on the Commandments, and I know you are trying to work within the Christian culture as it is expressed in Uganda. Commandment 1: I prefer divine to holy. Commandment 6: I am part of God, as is all else, so I have a problem with “I know I am not God.”Commandment 10: “sloth and gluttony.” How about laziness and overindulgence instead? Perhaps it would be best to use words like intoxication or drunkenness or excessive use of alcohol and recreational drugs/intoxicants rather than just “alcohol, intoxicants.”Finally, remove [God] and replace with Divine and Divinity? My t …

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