Do you believe in Ghosts?

Do you believe in Ghosts?

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What if Ghosts or apparitions are stuck in the same way people get stuck in being physical?

For instance, One of the hardest things to overcome being physical is the fact that you are a powerful being. Most people can't accept the fact that their decisions create their reality for them. What if this is true? And if it is... do you think ghosts could have the same issues going on as physical human's?

At most of our teachings are based upon high consciousness, between classes, an academy, and summits, just to name a few...a common thread seemed to be coming forth as we work with people trying to move through their physical life and make things better for themselves. We decided to take to task the idea that so many ghosts are trapped just like Human's and decided to take a journey to a remote island known as Roatan Honduras. We visited a few of the bay Islands as they are called and found an innumerable amount of Ghosts or apparitions stuck here from previous experiences in there life. We had neverending conversation with people who wanted to move from where they were to NEW experiences in their ongoing experiences.

What was also very real was the fact that some even were happy just where they were at, not knowing anything different or wanting to experience anything different in their existence.

In January 2017 we launch a program known as Ghosts of The Caribbean...Dead people do tell tales. This is a pay per view program with 6 episodes. It will be available on Amazon Prime. Do Ghosts really exist? Do Apparitions get stuck in time zones? What does all this mean and do we need to be afraid of this phenomenom?

Join us...January 2017.

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