The Heart’s Journey

The Heart’s Journey

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Your heart holds all the wisdom you will ever need to love fully as you navigate each of your relationships.

With the guidance and wisdom shared in The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards and Guidebook, The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Journal, and the 42 full-colour Healing Hearts Oracle Cards, you will find yourself opening to all of your heart’s intelligence and insight, giving you the ability to heal your heart wounds, love more deeply, and connect authentically with others.

Included in this beautiful boxed set is everything you need to connect to and heal your own Heart’s Journey.


“Love is a funny thing. We have no control over it and yet we try so hard to put it in a box, tie a ribbon around it and hand it to another. Poets write about it, card companies simplify it and each of us struggles with it in our own way. Maybe we don’t trust it, maybe we think we don’t deserve it, maybe we think no one else has loved and lost as we have. Mystics say it is the underlying force in the Universe and that is why we always seek it even when we push it away.

All I know is it hit me like a ton of bricks, a tsunami and fireworks on New Year’s Eve, all in one moment. This love was not the love I had in my youth for this man and it wasn’t the love I was holding onto for my husband. It was the love of poets.”

Excerpt from The Heart's Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook: Boxed Set by Megan Edge.

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