Lifting One’s Vibrations

Lifting One’s Vibrations

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An excerpt from a Joseph Public Trance Demonstration

Adam Bernard: I have a question - when we talk about ‘lifting vibrations’ what does that mean?

Joseph: The vibrations you give out as a soul are of a certain resonance; they are like a wave-form and you will know (as every human being does) that during the course of a day you can go from happy…to sad…to despairing…to ecstatic…to tired…to in pain…to healthy —all these things are going up and down the wave-form on a daily basis.

The problem is when the wave-form dips and you identify in your thoughts with something that is less than beneficial to you then you draw more of it to yourself. In other words when you are despairing, when you are despondent, when you are upset there are vibrations out there that are of a similar resonance and you pull them towards yourself so you become more upset. Isn’t it so difficult when you are down to get up again?

When you lift your spirits, when you lift your mood, you operate on a totally different level. Your vibrations quicken and, because they quicken, they have access spiritually, psychically and intuitively to a whole new world—a world where people are happy, a world where you can tune in to your intuition and can discover what to do next with ease, a world where you can bring joy to others because your vibrations have lifted. They are still your vibrations but they are operating at a quicker rate so you are at the top of the wave.

What we would ask of you is to try and keep those vibrations up for longer each day. If you feel despondent say: ‘Well, this accomplishes nothing and it doesn’t matter! What is the worst that could happen to me? I am letting go of this!’ And by letting go of it and aiming for a higher vibration you lift your vibration, you bring in the sunshine and the Light that you want to feel better.

It is a little like hypnotizing yourself at the beginning. It is a little like saying: ‘No matter what is in front of my eyes - I am happy. No matter what is in front of my eyes - I know what to do next. No matter what is in front of my eyes - I know that my connection with God can never be broken so everything is alright. If I lose my physical life it doesn’t matter - I cannot lose my soul; I cannot lose my connection to God. If I lose my job it doesn’t matter - there is another one because God is taking care of me.’ And by changing your attitude you change the rate of your vibrations and you bring to you that which you desire, and you bring to mankind that which you desire for mankind.

Do you see?

Adam: Yes, thanks.


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Joseph, is a highly-evolved spirit communicator who is deeply worried about the fate of mankind and returns to deliver, through trance medium Michael G. Reccia, compelling spiritual information from higher levels of consciousness regarding both personal and global enlightenment.

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