Three Reasons to Attend a Digital Yoga Conference

Three Reasons to Attend a Digital Yoga Conference

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Yoga isn’t just relegated to studios these days—it’s now a digital experience. With the advent of online classes, teacher trainings, workshops, and conferences, yogis are practicing from the comfort of their own homes, and teachers are able to reach more students than ever by sharing their knowledge on virtual platforms. If you're thinking of trying online yoga out for size and you're curious about what it has to offer, here are three unique benefits:

1. Conferences let you try out styles of yoga, and you can practice for free!

For a limited period of time, often over the weekends of their initial release, some conferences (like Yoga International's Digital Conferences) give you the opportunity to watch and participate in hours and hours of practices, workshops, and dharma talks absolutely free of charge. And because these conferences host teachers from a variety of yoga styles and backgrounds, they provide an excellent opportunity to learn about and try approaches to practice that you haven't tried before. Who knows? You might even discover your new favorite teacher!

2. Accessible practices.

Online yoga conferences, individual practices, and workshops also make it evidently clear: practice takes a variety of forms, and you don’t have to have a certain type of body, or ability, or spend a ton of money to show up to the mat. There are a plethora of accessible classes to choose from (like chair yoga, modified sun salutations, practices that don't bear weight on hands or knees!), and many of them will demonstrate how you can customize yoga sequences, and individual poses, to serve your desires and needs.

3. Study in-depth.

With digital workshops and conferences, you can attend in-depth classes on the topics of your choice. The best part? You don't have to travel—the yoga comes to you! Often you have the option to purchase the classes and workshops you attend so that you have unlimited access to your favorite teachers and practices even after the free event is over. This means you can download these workshops and classes to your smartphone or tablet, study at your own pace, on your own time, and truly take your yoga on the go!

You can get more information on Yoga International’s FREE Spring Conference here: [link no longer active]

So, are you convinced, yogi? Let's practice online yoga!

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