My Practice: Picturing the Moment

My Practice: Picturing the Moment

Learn how this artist starts her day with camera in hand.

Photo Credit: Tina Lassiter

In “My Practice,” we share personal routines that create wellness and happiness from spiritual teachers, yogis, nutritionists, and more, in hopes to inspire your own healthy rituals.

Tina Lassiter is an arist and healing professional whose work has appeared regularly in Spirituality & Health magazine. Here is Tina’s practice:

I am a writer and a self-taught artist and photographer who was using mindful practices before I was exposed to "mindfulness". Perhaps because of an early interest in Buddhism or maybe because as I studied integrative medicine, I discovered that what I was learning seemed to already be embedded in my DNA. Being totally in the moment with all of my senses engaged is just how live. After my morning ritual that includes introspection, prayer, a short Yoga Nidra session, a combination of self Reiki and acupressure followed by a brief inspirational read, as often as I can, I dress (earrings a must) and go for a mindful walk with my camera.

Never do I plan the route, I go where I am led allowing the pictures to find me along the way. Something calls out to me and because I have tuned out everything around me, I see what I am supposed to that day. Rarely do I devote much time to composing a "perfect" photograph, though the tendency is to capture close up, detailed images that bring to light what would ordinarily be missed. Being present and in the moment with whatever is before my eyes....and sometimes in my ear or a gift in more ways than one.
The next part of my practice focuses on sharing. I immediately edit my work, re-living the unplanned path which invigorates mind, body, soul, spirit and heart. Pictures are posted on my blog or sent to friends, family, and a list of followers with a message. Each time I hit send, a reply comes back from one or more to say "I needed this today, thank you" leaving me feeling humbled, grateful and happy. And then I return to the world.
Learn more about Tina and follow her work here.

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