12 Affirmations for Peace and Calm

12 Affirmations for Peace and Calm

Use these peaceful affirmations to find a moment of calm

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One of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld is the one where George Costanza’s father, Frank, has been advised by his physician to invoke the phrase “Serenity Now” as a way of keeping his blood pressure down. But instead of taking deep, cleansing breaths and murmuring “Serenity Now” as a soothing mantra, Frank yells it while thrusting his hands skyward. Used à la Frank, “Serenity Now!” is the least calming manta ever—making it oh-so-fun to use when chaos reigns in my home. It reminds me to smile and go with the moment.

Even if you don’t have small children running amok, peace and calm can be hard to come by. There are many disruptive forces in our modern lives, and our busy minds start to babble as a result. There’s the nonstop ping of technology. Stressful workplaces. And the world at large, egad. Is it any wonder we need some peace and calm? Come, use these 12 affirmations for peace and calm to find a moment of—dare I say it? Serenity.

  1. All I need to do right now is breathe.
  2. My mind is still and smooth, like a lake at dawn.
  3. I am safe; all is well.
  4. A warm, peaceful energy surrounds me and those I love.
  5. I step outside, bringing tranquility with me into the world.
  6. I connect with what is peaceful and good around me.
  7. Inside me lies a great reservoir of calmness.
  8. I discover peace in those around me and respond to them with peace.
  9. Exhaling, I let my shoulders drop and become utterly relaxed.
  10. I let go of anxiety and embrace calm.
  11. I can easily shift my heart to feel peace.
  12. My need to feel calm is being fully met.

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