How to Rid Yourself of Negative Energy

How to Rid Yourself of Negative Energy

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The negative energy seems to be swirling around more than ever these days. The news is difficult to watch with the unpredictable weather disasters and bickering politicians. It is often impossible to avoid the harsh energy of the world. All of us pick up negative unwanted energy without even realizing it. Negative energy can attach to you just as positive energy can. The issue begins when it is not cleared. The old energy gets into your body and remains. This unwanted energy ways you down and causes your energy level to decrease. A sea salt bath is an easy way to cleanse your Chakras and clear your energy fields of unwanted debris. Run warm bath water and sprinkle one cup of sea salt evenly throughout the water. Soak for at least twenty to thirty minutes. This is something you should do often to stay balanced.

Another powerful way to clear your energy fields and your space is to use pure Frankincense essential oil. You will need an Aromatic diffuser, available at most health food stores. You will find essential oils sold over the counter as well but note, most are not pure. To find 100% pure Frankincense oil research online. Place several drops in the diffuser, the aroma is uplifting, you will not be disappointed. The properties within the Frankincense oil will clear the negative energy, as it has been used for thousands of years.

One of the most powerful methods of removing old unwanted energy is massage. A massage will release the old energy that gets into your muscles and tissue. A massage works wonders for your body, mind and spirit. To learn more about Universal Energy and how to use it for your benefit visit me on my website at:

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