Transitions in Healing

Transitions in Healing

An excerpt from Norma Lee's new book

In Norma Lee’s latest book, Transitions in Healing, she opens an experiential space, a pathway for exploring a meaningful life, and invites readers through her drawings and questions to explore their inner world. Drawing on her personal experiences in psychotherapy, Lee can aid readers in their journey of inner healing during critical turning points in life.

An excerpt from the book:

In every journey there are markers along the way. Especially in times of transition, and in what may appear to be times of crisis, the Universe sees our struggles and hears our cries for help. Transitions in Healing: A Journey contains 52 archetypal images of turning points along the path of exploring the darkness and seeking the light as one searches for meaning, understanding, inner healing, and congruence. The purpose of this book is to stimulate inner guidance for anyone seeking a deeper level of self-actualization or to facilitate an individual’s process for healing such issues as family-of-origin conflicts, codependency, trauma, or abuse. The accompanying interpretive text serves to stimulate critical thinking, to generate access to subconscious information, to awaken archetypal images, and to inspire balance and harmony. Originally an aid in the author’s recovery of her true self, the archetypal symbols in the pictures can help others as they tell their stories, seek inner healing, and strive to find meaning, hope, and peace.

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