Bringing Grandma Home: The Story Chair, Salmon Ceremony, and Building the Bridge.

Bringing Grandma Home: The Story Chair, Salmon Ceremony, and Building the Bridge.

A photo summary of the projects along Oregon's Rogue River.

Grandma Aggie

The Story Chair. Grandma Aggie on the Story Chair. Credit: Rory Finney

George Baker

The Story Chair. Grandma Aggie's father, George Baker, on the Story Chair.

Lady Oscharwasha Credit Peter Britt

"The Last of the Rogue Rivers" by photographer Peter Britt was published in 1883 and shows Lady Oscharwasha in a beaded buckskin dress that she had sewn for her own burial.

Salmon Boy

Salmon Ceremony. The bones and skin of the salmon are wrapped in cedar before the dive into the pool. The young men dove into the slack-water channel as their part of the ceremony instead of the pool below the falls. Credit: Rory Finney

Salmon Planks

Salmon Ceremony. The salmon is cooked upright on planks so that the fatty oils marinate and baste the fish to keep it moist. Credit: Rory Finney

Salmon Grandma

Salmon Ceremony. Grandma Aggie helps prepare salmon for the Salmon Ceremony. Credit: Rory Finney

Bridge Drawing

Building the Bridge. Engineer/artist Jim Waddell capturing Grandma Aggie’s vision at the site where she saw the Dragonfly Bridge crossing the Rogue River.

Bridge Vision

Building the Bridge. Grandma Aggie’s vision of the Dragonfly Bridge.

Bridge Borello2

Building the Bridge. Artist Brian Borello’s interpretation of the Dragonfly Bridge.

Bridge Gary Rayor

Building the Bridge. The first Conceptual Engineering of the Dragonfly Bridge by Gary Rayor of OBEC Engineering.

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